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Uses of Balloons

3/7/2012 5:31:41 PM | by Anonymous


It is amazing how a small, low cost balloon can turn every occasion into a wonderful event. Most of the time, they are present on events such as birthday party, wedding, anniversary, school fairs, product launches and trade fairs. The event is decorated with colorful balloons that come in different sizes and shapes adding life to the surroundings.


Balloon is an airtight bag inflated with air. If filled with hot air, it rises and floats in the atmosphere. We have now what we call hot air balloons. It is a balloon shaped air craft with basket underneath in which people can travel. Balloons are known for its flexibility and lightness. These components paved the way for the evolution of balloons. They started to appear in round forms. Then it developed into a variety of shapes. The long ones are twisted creating different animal shapes. Now, even cartoon characters are imitated by balloons. They are available in different sizes as well. Depending on its use, they can be created as tiny as a lollipop or as huge as a hot air balloon. As mentioned earlier, hot air balloon is large enough to transport people. Another example of big balloons is inflatable bouncers. It is designed to entertain kids by letting them jump or bounce on this flexible but sturdy object.


Aside from being a decoration, balloons have a number of applications. Product launches and trade fairs take advantage of them by displaying balloons printed with their company name or logo. They can serve as a great bag for party favors. Before inflated, insert any party favor small enough to fit in and the item should not be something that can puncture the rubber. Balloons can also be used in arts and crafts. There are masks or costumes created out of it.


A celebration decorated with balloons is considered more festive. They bring a wonderful feeling of joy not just on kids but to those young at heart as well. Admit it, even those old enough to enjoy balloons feel like bringing home one after attending a party.

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