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Uses of Artificial Lights

4/5/2012 12:58:43 PM | by Anonymous


Light is important for human to function properly. Without lights, moving and doing things will be difficult. It is the reason why we are able to see things around us. It stimulates our sight then sends signal to the brain that deciphers information allowing us to understand and recognize what we are seeing. This natural agent is very important that an artificial light is invented so we can lighten up dark places and our home at night. Today, other significant uses have been added to light’s primary purpose of illuminating objects and things.

Lights are being used as a promotional tool. Billboards and establishment signs are filled with lighted bulbs so they can attract attention of passers-by. Lights are especially important in allowing warning signs on the road be seen at night. Road accidents can also be avoided because of the presence of lamp posts. Lights are essential for bird pets. Like human, birds need UV lights. If it is not possible to expose them with natural agents, bulbs provide UV spectrum at a certain period of time. Also, birds that are not provided with light at night feel depressed.

Lights are utilized as a form of entertainment. They can be seen on places like nightclubs, theatres and stage shows. Nightclubs are equipped with colorful lights to add vibrancy on the place. This feature makes a nightclub have an edge to other clubs. The lighting in stage shows and theatres moves in accordance with the rhythm of the music. There is a type of fountain known as dancing light water fountains. They are called such because lights and water dance in harmony with the music playing.

The ability to see things at all times created an enormous effect on human lives. Lights and electricity permitted us to do tasks any time of the day making us more productive and efficient.

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