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Uses of Agitators

6/26/2012 10:18:28 AM | by Anonymous


Agitators are devices or apparatuses that are instrumental in putting something into motion by stirring or shaking. The use of agitators can range from household products to large industrial machinery. Although they may have different functions and uses in different applications, they still have the same basic function of putting something into motion through shaking or stirring it. Two common things that are affected by the use of agitators are clothing and concrete.



Agitators come in various shapes and sizes to suit the need of different applications. One such application is drilling which can be in mud or other substances. Agitators used to drill into mud are called mud agitators. Their drill which comes into contact with the mud has a ‘blender cycloid speed reducer’ that is used to help mix water and mud as it drills. This is done to allow for easy drilling. The drill burrows into the ground and then the agitator mixes the mud and soil that is brought up by the drill with water to allow for easy removal of the soil and mud away from the hole.

Concrete Mixing

These types of agitators can be seen almost anywhere on roads. They are attached to the interior of a concrete holding tank which is mounted on trucks to transport cement to work sites. The tank has to constantly be rotating to keep the concrete inside it moving and not letting it dry up before reaching the job site. It is able to rotate due to the agitator which is inside the tank. Some worksite may also have small agitators which act like a blender to mix the cement with water.

Home use and Lab work

Agitators can be very commonly found in homes as they are a part of commercial mixers which are used in home for various tasks. Their application can be for large scale cooking and blending of ingredients. A very good example of such an agitator can be the egg beater. The agitator causes the beaters to rotate at high speed which can be placed inside a substance that requires thorough mixing of its ingredients such as in the case of cooking. The agitator is able to achieve better mixing of ingredients as compared to if done by hand. These types of agitators can also be used in labs with a similar concept to mix chemicals efficiently.

Washing Machine Agitators

Agitators are key components in washing machines as they allow the drum inside washing machines to turn and rotate to expose all the clothing inside the drum to the detergent for an efficient wash.

Central Agitating Column

Washing machines with such columns are used in abundance all over the world. The clothes are loaded into the machine from the top and they have a post in the middle of the drum which can be coated with plastic or rubber. It is the main agitating device that causes the drum to rotate. Some manufacturers also use the post to release detergent at intervals during a wash. The drum is able to rotate due to the fact that there is a motor attached to the underside of the drum which has been pre-programmed to carry out different modes of spinning such as to-and fro or unidirectional spinning; depending on the wash cycle that has been chosen.

Front Loading Machines

Many newer models of washing machines eliminate the central post and replace it with between three to six wide plastic or rubber fins that line the interiors of the tub. These fins serve the function to agitate the clothes; similar to the central agitating column.


Agitators not only serve a purpose in washing machines or household items but can be used in industries such as mining as well. They come in several different designs and sizes to suit the needs of different applications.

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