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Useful Tips for Cleaning Fiberglass Boats

9/23/2013 2:12:43 PM | by Anonymous

Boats: Fibreglass

Boats are made of glass-reinforced plastic and it is now commonly known as fiberglass. The fiberglass boats are strong, do not rot or rust (iron oxide). They are susceptible to structural degradation from the sunlight and extremes in temperature over their lifespan. They provide structural strength especially when the long woven strands are laid and sometimes from bow to stern then soaked in polyester resin to form the hull of the boat. They have an outer coating of gel-coat which is a very solid colored layer of polyester resin that adds zero structural length and it create a smooth surface that can be buffed to a high shine and acts as a protective layer against the sunlight. And it is made to be stiffer with panels where the fiberglass encloses a lightweight core such as foam or balsa.

It is important to know the proper cleaning techniques for the boats as this will have none or minimize the damage to your boat. Do remember to start the cleaning from the top and clean it all your way down.

1. Clean it with a proper cleaner. It is essential to use the proper cleaner for washing the fiberglass boats. Use the multi-purpose cleaner for washing the light and a biodegradable degreaser on tough cleaning jobs. Fill a half bucket of water with lukewarm water and add about ¼ cup of cleaner into the water.

2. Use the proper cleaning tools. Remember to clean the fiberglass boats with a soft brush scrub. Do remember not to use a mop or sponge because the course debris may be caught on the mop or sponge and that also might scratch the boat and cause some damages on the surface. If there are stubborn stains on the boat, use the 600 grit sandpaper and make sure to wet the sandpaper before using it.

3. Make your next cleaning easier. After cleaning the fiberglass boats, make your next cleaning easier by spending an extra few minutes to wax the boat. By waxing the boat, dirt will be easier to remove the next time round. Doing this, will protect the surface of the boat better.

4. Be prepared. It is important to be prepared when cleaning the fiberglass boats. It is not just a five minute job but this may expect up to a few hours of cleaning the fiberglass boat thoroughly. Try to clean the boat regularly therefore this will reduce the time needed to spend cleaning the next time round.

5. Get some help. In order to reduce the amount of time spend for cleaning the fiberglass boats, ask someone for a helping hand instead of doing it all by yourself. Additional helpers to clean the boats will not only save some time but also in cleaning them. The cleaning process is done quicker than the usual time spent.

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