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Oil Field Equipment

11/2/2012 6:32:22 PM | by Anonymous

Oil Field Equipment

An expanse of land containing oil wells that extract petroleum from the ground is called an oil field. Huge oil field equipment are found on this area in order to successfully extract the petroleum on oil reservoirs scattered across the land that possibly extends for a number of kilometers across. Oil fields are usually located in remote areas because of the fact that crude oil is trapped on desert areas or the bottom of the ocean floor. Being far from civilization is what made setting up of oil fields extremely complicated. The workers have to stay near the working area and would be more practical to reside there for months or within the span of operation since it would not be feasible for them to go home at night and come back to work during the day. It is also typical for oil field operators to work in 12 hours shift. This means the workers would have to be provided with housing and other life sustaining necessities such as electricity and water. Another important role of electricity is to make the oil field equipment needed for the operation to work.


Oil Reservoirs

Oil reservoirs are a pool filled with rock formation holding hydrocarbons buried on the ground. This type of reservoir rock forms when a non-porous layer cuts through an oil-baring porous rock. The rocks are able to grasp oil as they move up and down squeezing out the oil towards the surface. Any rock containing oil technically can be referred to as reservoir rock. However, the term is more commonly used to those that have the oil incapacitated from doing upwards movement. This movement stops when a non-porous material where oil can’t pass through caused a crack and mismatching of rock layers. However, the oil will persist to move upward creating an area under the crack abundant with oil.


Oil Field Equipment

Since oil reservoirs are located deep under the earth, machinery is needed to pump out the oil wells. The oil field equipment manufactured to do this task is the oil field rig. Oil field rig is purposely designed to be large and strong in order to overcome tough petroleum mining operations. This is why transporting of this equipment to the field is a hard task. The oil field equipment has to be shipped in parts and assembled once it arrived on the location. It is a normal scene in an oil field to see drilling rigs dotted all over the place. The process of determining the actual location where the oil can be extracted can take years. Establishing an oil field requires extensive planning and huge amount of money. This is why some companies get the services of some organizations specializing in operating a field effectively. Some can even provide a remotely monitored drilling process so there would not be a need to send personnel on-site.


Oil Reservoir Engineer

The oil field operation is manned by a reservoir engineer. He/She is responsible in researching about the task, inspecting the actual field and evaluating the extracted oil and gas reserved in order to figure out the best way to conduct the operations. The reservoir engineer will also spend the day on site together with other workers to gather vital information needed in developing effective method for extracting resources. He or she will coordinate with surveyors and petroleum geologists to have an idea of the amount of oil a reserve can supply. Once this is done, the engineer will recommend the most cost-efficient method that will match the profit the companies will get on the operation. Other things that he or she will consider are the manner of drilling or extraction to apply as well as the oil field equipment to use.

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