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Unique Features of Antiques

3/5/2012 12:54:35 PM | by Anonymous


A lot would agree if I say new is better. We would prefer to have new gadgets, clothes, shoes, bags, cars and toys rather than settle with our old possessions. However, new things do not at all times surpass the old ones. Old objects considered as antiques are an exemption to this rule.


Antique is an old piece of furniture or decorative object considered as a collectible item. They can cost more than other modern furniture. Its value can be determined by the unique features it possesses. An item is considered antique if its age is at least 100 years old. The older the furniture is, the more you can be sure that it is genuinely antique. Another feature is rarity. Old items are not mass manufactured unlike modern furniture. Getting a hold on one of antique furniture is considered owning a very rare item. Exquisiteness is another important feature of antiques. Most antique furniture is hand crafted giving the item a class structure and detail. Time and effort are devoted by artisans in making it. Some antiques have been used in important historical events. The story behind an item adds up to the value of it. Most importantly, your antique can be of superior value if the previous owner is an important figure in history.


The antique furniture owners feel proud for being able to acquire one. Some decides to design their house completely with these rare items. But because of its costly attribute, some settle on owning a few or even just one old furniture. One can buy an antique bookshelf or an antique couch for the living room. These pieces of furniture can serve as a focal point if their location inside the house is properly designated. Antiques can give an instant feeling of royalty once they are displayed to your house.

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