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Types of Vibratory Feeders

4/19/2012 2:09:36 PM | by Anonymous


Feeders are used by industries to make their production faster, convenient and inexpensive. They are automated to supply a specific type of material which is a part of the production process. They maintain the flow of product needed for the next stage of the process. A perfect example of feeders is vibratory feeders.


Vibratory feeder uses vibration and gravity to transport bulk objects. Gravity takes place because of the slanted surface that allows the object to move downwards. The rate of flow of the material depends on the frequency of vibration. The ability to control the frequency of vibratory feeders make them ideal for handling a variety of materials such as rock, coal, chemicals and sand of different sizes. They are hung to isolate the vibration from the support structure which can affect the feed control. The opening of the feeder can also be adjusted so it is not only the flow that can be managed but also the quantity of the object being transported. The businesses that make use of this feeder are mining, construction and chemical industries. This vibrating equipment has several types and two of them are electromagnetic feeders and electromechanical vibratory feeders.


Electromagnetic feeder is a machine powered by electromagnetic force. It is said to be better than electromechanical feeders since it requires little to no maintenance due to the lack of mechanical parts such as chains, motors, belts, bearings and eccentric weights. It can also handle materials better, create extremely accurate feed rate controls and involve in non-stop processes.


Electromechanical vibratory feeders are corrosion resistant, motor powered equipment. They have the same capability as electromagnetic feeder and can carry all type of materials no matter if they are damp, lumps, dust, hot or abrasives.


The use of vibratory feeders is a big leap for many industries for it resulted to time efficient production, decrease in workforce and the ability to transfer large items with low energy consumption.

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