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Types of Torque Measuring Instruments

6/20/2013 1:41:53 PM | by Anonymous

Measuring Instruments: Torque

Torque measuring instruments are used to determine the force or the amount of rotation that can be applied to an object known as torque so it would not get damaged. In the field of physics, torque which is also referred to as moment arm can be measured by multiplying the amount of force applied to rotate an object to the distance from the center of the mass of the object or the pivot point. There are various torque measuring instruments available that can be used depending on the requirement of an application.


An application where torque is measured is in installing of fasteners such as bolts and screws. The simplest method to determine the amount of torque can be done with the use of force meter and any length measuring device such as ruler and yard stick. This is carried out by placing the force meter where the force is applied and locating the pivot point. After these are executed, the determined values of both are then multiplied.


Another type of a measuring instrument for torque is strain gauge. Printed on a semi-flexible wafer, strain gauge is an electronic device directly fixated to the surface of an object. It involves a computer program where the output of changes in resistance can be seen. The changes in the resistance of strain gauge circuitry happen when the object bends due to torque. A specialized form of strain gauge called torsion meter is also used for measuring torque. It is characterized by several strains gauges set in a configuration capable of measuring torque directly. It is also connected to a computer containing a program that converts the electrical readings it captures into torque measurements.


A device specifically used to measure torque when tightening bolts or screws is called a torque wrench. It works by measuring the torque applied as it tightens the bolt. Early types of this device are analog meters. Today, there are digital meters developed which are capable of providing a more accurate data. A simple type of torque measuring instruments has a scale that can be found on the wrench’s arm that when in use will show the torque. However, it is only suitable for general use as it tends to produce inaccurate results.


A click torque wrench is a type wherein a specific amount of torque to apply on an object can be set. It works by disabling the tool once the specific amount of torque is reached. Its usual application is for tightening of bolts on car wheels. The bolt, when over tightened, can damage the metal holding the bolt and loosen the wheel. Click torque wrench, in general, is used in any application where tightening of bolts and nuts is needed.


The torque measuring instrument to use depends on where it would be applied and the necessity of the application. For functions where accurate measurement is vital, the use of force meter and a length measure is inadvisable. When choosing a device, one should take quality into consideration as one may settle with something cheap which then might turn out to be ineffective.

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