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Types of Timers

4/23/2012 8:50:22 AM | by Anonymous


Timers automatically turn on the lights for you; turn off the air-conditioner, wake you up in the morning for work or school and even record TV dramas for you. A timer is a type of specialized clock that can be used to indicate or control the time for a certain event. Unlike a stopwatch that counts upwards from zero to indicate time elapsed, a timer counts downwards from a preset time. When the preset time runs out, a regular timer would indicate this with a sound to alert the user or do carry the action that it had been preset to carry out. Timers can be mechanical, electronic or software.


Mechanical timers sometimes tend to be inaccurate when cheap mechanisms are used which can be flat beaters that spin against air resistance. A more accurate mechanical timer would use mechanisms similar to alarm clocks that require no power and can be stored for a long time. Electronic timers make use of integrated circuit to countdown time. They also have a digital display for the user to know what time it is. They are essentially quartz clocks with special electronics to keep track of the time. Their applications include microwave ovens and even safety devices such as gas timers.


Software timers are usually found in computers or mobile electronic devices. They are digital counters that increase or decrease at a pulse rate which is normally configurable. Once the number hits zero or the pre-configured digit, the counter would interrupt the device’s processor.


Timers are used everywhere in the world for various purposes, from cooking to timing a run. As shown in the movies, timers are even used in bombs! Even school bells make use of them to go off at regular intervals. It is hard to deny that timers have now become a part of daily life.

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