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Types of Tapes and Their Uses

5/8/2012 8:11:19 AM | by Anonymous


One of the things that every home should have is a tape. I am referring to the sticky adhesives and not the long plastic band enclosed in case used to play music. Tapes have several types namely duct tape, masking tape, electrical tape, double sided tape and cellophane tape.


Duct tape is a strong type of adhesive tape used in a wide variety of applications. It can be applied in any materials such as cloth, cement, rubber, plastic and vinyl. It is originally designed for sealing seams in ducts but now used in various home repairs or anything that needs fastening.


Masking tape is thin and has an easy to tear material. It is mainly used to cover an area and protect it while painting. Its paper like texture makes it possible to write on it which made it commonly used in hospitals to label plastic bottles containing urine or fecal samples.


Electrical tape, also known as insulation tape, is used as an insulator against electricity. It is applied on electric cords so they would stick together and to have them attached to the wall when installing electronic devices. It can also be used to cover tears on cords and wire splices.


Double sided tape, as the name implies, has sticky property on both sides of the tape. It is used when an object is needed to be attached on a surface. It creates a clean sticking outcome since no sign of the adhesive used will be shown when removed. It works by pressing the exposed side to the item you are going to attach, peel off the cover of the other side then press it to the surface.


Cellophane tape is now more popularly known as scotch tape, a brand by 3M which produced the first transparent adhesive tape in the world. It is broadly utilized in homes and offices and is applied for light sticking purposes like gift wrapping and sealing envelopes.

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