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Types of Printers

4/18/2012 4:16:26 PM | by Anonymous


In this age where technology is developing at a very high speed, printers have become a crucial part of everyday life, be it for commercial, personal or educational use. A printer is a device that allows you to print images or documents on a hard copy. Printing had been around since 3000 BC but it was only half a century ago when modern printers were developed to make printing available to the common man.


Nowadays, there are many different types of printers available for various types of printing such as photos, office documents, school papers and even advertisement banners. They can be classified into two main groups; impact printers and non-impact printers.


Impact printers can be differentiated from non-impact printers by the loudness of the sound these printers emit when printing documents. As the name suggests, impact printers make contact with the material to be printed on in order to be able to print. This contact and the movement of the ink cartridge generate noise which is unlike non-impact printers that do not make contact with the material to be printed on.


Three most popular types of printers are inkjet-printer, laser-printer and dot-matrix printer. Amongst these printers, only dot-matrix printer is an impact printer. Inkjet printers print by spraying tiny droplets of ink onto a paper. On the other hand laser printers use a toner instead of liquid ink. The dot-matrix printer is able to print when the tiny pins on the print head strike the ink ribbon. It runs left to right on the printing paper to be able to print. The dot-matrix printer is the most common form of printer found in homes.


With the advancements of technology, many other types of printers that use different ways to print have been developed. Industrial printers use different technology as compared to those used in schools and homes. It is certainly an unavoidable fact that printers have become an important part of daily life.

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