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Pipe Cutting Machines

11/28/2012 6:34:33 PM | by Anonymous

Pipe Cutting Machines

Cutting a pipe has never been fast until the emergence of pipe cutting machines. The need for a clean cut for pipes is important to make sure that two materials being joined together will fit properly. The process of clean cutting of pipes is called pipe cutting. This can also be used as another term for pipe profiling which involves removing of specific parts of pipes to allow other pipe material to attach in it. The two materials are usually joined through welding to make sure that they are tightly fit. Pipe cutting machines come in various shapes and sizes and can be found being used both at home and industries. Plumbers make use of cutting machines to install or repair pipes at home or any establishment that has a sink. Depending on the pipe, plumbers can use a cutting machine or simply a pipe cutter.


Pipe Cutter

A pipe cutter is a type of cutting tool used in creating a clean cut to pipes. It is handy which made the cutting works easy and fast. It would not give undesirable result as compared to using other scissor-like cutting tools which could break the pipe. A pipe cutter looks like a pair of pliers with the difference being that one side is made of a replaceable blade that wears out over time from usage. The other side of the cutter is circular used for holding the pipe. The blade from pipe cutters is sharp enough to cut even through durable type of pipes such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Pipe cutters can either be made from plastic or metal. Metal pipe cutter can be used both on plastic and metal pipes but a using a plastic pipe cutter to metals is not recommended as it could break. Hacksaw is another tool used in cutting pipes. Its advantage over pipe cutter is its ability to cut nearly any metal or plastic pipes of various sizes. However, if one is going to consider convenience and ease of use, pipe cutters would still be preferred.


Pipe Cutting

Different cutting machines are produced to cater various types of pipes. As mentioned earlier, pipe cutter is suitable for home pipes as the dimension of such pipes are small. For bigger pipes, machine powered saws or those that are clamped on the pipes when being used are utilized instead. The latter works by moving the tool clamped on the pipe around. As it revolves, the screws control tightens until it cuts the pipe. This method makes sure precise cutting of pipe as deformed pipes are unusable. The term pipes profiling, on the other hand, is more proper to be used in more complex pipe cutting. Pipe profiling, as mentioned earlier, involves cutting of specific portions on the pipe where another pipe can be fixated. In order to join two parts together, welding method should be carried out. Pipe profiling is performed in industries and construction normally on ship building, offshore drilling, pipe processing or any industry where assembling of large pipes are involved. Fitting of pipes occur in order to create vessels and systems. Since they should be strong as they will be used for harsh applications, welding can assure tighter fittings. Pipe profiling involves industrial pipe cutting machines as this technique is commonly applied on large metal pipes. However, fitting of pipes is not limited to large pipes so the term can be used to other types of pipes as well.

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