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Types of Picture Frames

6/18/2013 1:19:59 PM | by Anonymous

Picture Frames

Picture frames refer to the edging for pictures intended to be displayed. Early picture frames are either hanging on the wall or sitting on table or any surface where they can be displayed. They are traditionally made of wood but also made available today in silver, aluminium, bronze and plastics. They are built with different designs, color and texture. Depending on purpose, a frame could be attached to a photo permanently to protect it or be used for different photos. Picture frames have various types to serve different applications. One example is antique picture frames. Any antique furniture could bring a vintage feel to a room where it is displayed. The same effect happens when using this type of picture frame. Since this type of furniture is invaluable, proper care is required to preserve it.


Diploma frames are intended for framing diplomas, certificates and other important documents. They have a tighter construction as compared to regular picture frames. This type of construction seals the document inside the frame protecting it from exposure to air or moisture that might cause it to deteriorate. A diploma frame could be made from various materials such as wood, paper or metal. They will work together to create an airtight seal to effectively protect the document. Since documents tend to come in different sizes, it is normal to have a frame customized to fit them. Customizing photo frames allow customer to select materials and have the frame designed in a way that they think will match the theme of the room where it will be placed. They just have to make sure that it will be constructed in a way that the document will be tightly sealed which is the main purpose of using diploma frames.


Customized picture frames are those built according to the customer’s personal preferences. Having a frame customized has a lot of advantages. This type is unique and could be assured to match a room’s environment. It could also turn out as a great gift because the designs to apply could be based on the personality of the recipient. However, the giver should look for a good frame maker as a dreadfully made frame might end up being useless. But if the frame is perfectly manufactured, it could be very much appreciated by the receiver for the thoughtful act. Some ways to personalize frames are engraving texts and attaching designs like flower and beads. The color to apply can also match the photo it will hold.


A digital picture frame is a modern type of photo frame. It shows digital pictures and requires electricity to operate. This type gained popularity when digital photography became rampant. Digital pictures are preferred by many people because they can be stored in a computer allowing them to keep a copy with them as long as they don’t intentionally delete the pictures. This is very dissimilar to physical pictures that can be easily destroyed. Digital picture frames have different features depending on the manufacturer. They usually can display several photos showing one after another. The number of photos they can show depends on the capacity of the storage. Some may only have internal memory while some accept a memory card which allows many photos to be stored and in turn displayed.

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