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Types of Pharmacies

5/4/2012 8:25:41 AM | by Anonymous


We buy drugs or health paraphernalia in pharmacies. The medicines can be purchased over the counter or requires a prescription from a physician. Since pharmacies are vital especially to people who are suffering from ailments, they are built in strategic places to make them convenient and accessible to get to.


The drug stores found in public areas are called community pharmacy. They serve as retail establishments being run by pharmacists who are working as health professionals and retailers as well. Some countries legislated that only registered pharmacists can own this type of store. Community pharmacies are almost founded in every place so they are the most visited store for those who already carry a drug prescription and urgently need a medicine.


Hospital pharmacy is located inside hospital facilities. Its main purpose is to provide medication to confined patients only. It has larger stock of medicines compared to community pharmacy as the former has to cater all hospitalized patients. Some hospitals are also equipped with retail drug store but this is not the main function of hospital pharmacy. Its advantage is it allows patients to immediately purchase the medicine prescribed to them after meeting up with their doctor assigned in the hospital.


Like community pharmacy, internet pharmacy sells medicines in retail set-up. The big difference between the two is that the latter is purchased online. It is beneficial to patients who are home bound. However, online pharmacy receives criticism for selling drugs that require prescription. It is said that medicines sold online is cheaper than those bought over the counter because it is able to cut down the cost of hiring middlemen.


The role of medicines is to treat illnesses for us to become healthy again. Pharmacies made it possible for medicines to be within our reach wherever we are and no matter what our condition is.

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