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Types of Ovens and Their Applications

5/4/2012 8:25:18 AM | by Anonymous


When we hear of ovens, the first thing that comes to our mind is those we normally see in the kitchen. We use kitchen ovens or commonly known as microwave ovens to heat up food or dry out wet objects. However, not just any material can be heated using this equipment. It is widely discouraged to use metal and aluminum foils because they might damage the oven or worse cause fire. But this belief is increasingly becoming a myth since a lot of people proved that it is safe to place the said materials inside the oven.


Industries use a different oven so they can respond to the demand of their clients. Conveyor ovens are used for large scale production. Its size makes it capable to bake several different products at the same time. It can also produce quality bakery products in a short span of time which is not possible to microwave ovens. The downside of conveyor oven is it cannot cook delicate items like soup and desserts. Luckily, it is suitable for preparing foods such as steak, pasta, cookies, pizza and several other tasty dishes.


Another type of oven for industrial use is walk-in oven. This is used for heavy duty applications and quality materials are used in its production. The technology incorporated in this oven is more advanced compared to other types since it performs different functions other than baking like curing, bonding, curing, aging, dehydrating and stress-relieving to name a few.


The ovens mentioned above are important in their own ways. Microwave ovens brought convenience to working people who do not have the luxury of time to cook. Conveyor ovens allow bakery business to save time and energy for being able to cook a number of bakery products all at once. Finally, walk-in oven is an important tool for aerospace, pharmaceutical, solar, automobiles and other more industries in processing of their products.

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