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Types of Meters

7/29/2013 2:26:53 PM | by Anonymous


Meters are equipment used to measure and record the time, distance, speed or intensity of something you have used or performed. A type of meter all of us might be familiar with is electric meter. It is installed on houses by utility companies to help them determine the amount of used electricity. Electric meters have two types; analog meter and digital meter. Analog meter is composed of dials and spinning disc. It can function independently and doesn’t release radio frequencies. In order for electric companies to get the readings where the bill of electricity will be based, a person is needed to go where the analog meter is and look at it to read the recording himself. This type of meter has long life expectancy which could last for at least 25 years. Some are even known to work well as further as 50 years.


Taking a reading on digital meters is more convenient. A meter reader does not need to be in front of the digital reader in order to read the consumption data. In an earlier type of digital meter, the reader has to be at least within the area or does not need to leave his vehicle when in front of the structure where the meter to be read is installed to take a reading as it emits radio frequency. The life expectancy of this type is said to be 15 years. Another type of digital meter is called smart meter which is starting to replace the traditional electric meters. It functions the same way as the latter but smart meter is more efficient on the part of energy suppliers since they do not to send out a person to every house to read it. Instead, the readings will be sent out right away to the company. Every smart meter is made up of two antennae or radio transmitter. One is the Zigbee which works on 2.4 GHz while the other is the Local Area Network (LAN) which operates on 900 MHz forming a meshed grid system for automated data collection.


The analog and digital meter types are comparable to the design of a wall clock. Analog meters use an arrow that rotates clockwise when measuring while a digital meter displays a number to show the measure. Other types of meters are kilometers which measure the energy in kilowatts while an ammeter measures in units of amperes.


Another type of meter is the one we can see on the dashboard of vehicles. The several meters that can be found on cars measures the acceleration speed, engine temperature and the quantity of fuel left. There are different meters available nowadays that are being utilized for various applications. There is power meter which can be attached to a bicycle so a cyclist would know how much energy he has exerted on driving it. This can allow the cyclist to track his performance without the help of a trainer. There are power meters used for scientific instruments such as pulse instruments and x-ray machines. Meters are vital equipment in industries as they detect if a person or machine has already reached the appropriate force or energy needed in doing tasks.

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