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Types of Men’s Leather Shoes

3/25/2015 5:11:11 PM | by Dee Valencia

Men's Leather Shoes

Men’s leather shoes give an elegant turn to one’s character and sought after by many. Natural leather interiors are able to absorb foot moisture that is very ideal for one’s feet. Good quality leather shoes are sure to be fully lined. Polished and properly maintained leather shoes resist dirt well.

Leather lasts long. It is a material that has been processed through tanning of skins and hides of animals. Good quality leather really makes a better shoe than other alternative materials. Leather absolutely provides a greater supportive fit since it adjusts to the shape of one’s foot.

Everyone knows that shoes make the man. Whether it is for the office, attending a wedding function or a corporate dinner, having the right pair of leather shoes could make a huge impact. In the business world, shoes are just as important as the outfit. This is why men must know how to choose what leather shoes to wear no matter what the occasion is.

1. Loafers

This is the type of men’s leather shoes that is often used, also known as slippers or slip-ons in some cultures. Loafers are generally used on casual outfit, for work, and leisure. Exotic leathers such as cordovan and suede are sometimes used on loafers. Some loafers have become fashionable and can be worn sock-free, in casual affairs. There are students that wear loafers casually. They can become fashionable and be paired with dress pants, dark or light jeans, navy and black suits, and shorts. These leather shoes come in different styles, sizes, materials, brands and colors.

2. Oxfords

Oxfords are of Scottish and Irish origin, a type of shoes that is characterized by closed lacing. These shoes are suitable for both casual and formal wear and are normally brown or black, patterned or plain. Oxfords are popular choice of shoes for executives and businessmen. Due to brand evolution, there are toe car oxfords and oxford caps now that use stitched leather over the upper shoe. However, Balmorals, Saddle, Bluchers, Kilties and Wingtips oxfords are the five main types.
   • Balmorals Oxfords – have closed lace and are ideal with suit and tie on formal settings.
   • Saddle Oxfords – has a saddle-like piece on the front and usually comes in black and white colour.
   • Bluchers Oxfords – open lace and a famous accessory for dancing. The soles are also made from leather.
   • Kilties Oxfords – has a fringed tongue that covers the lace and eyelets of the shoes.
   • Wingtip Oxfords – has a unique embroidery style that resembles the spread wings of birds.

3. Chelsea Boots

This type is also known as dealer boots and are close-fitting and ankle-high. Their most prominent features are the tab of fabric on the back of the shoes and the elastic side panel, enabling them to be slipped on and off. Chelsea boots are versatile and comfortable. These boots do not have buttons, snaps, laces, or clasps. This is helpful to people who have trouble bending over when putting on shoes. This type of leather shoes blend in with jeans and business suits.

Having a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes is a desire or choice of men since they want comfort during their office hours and other appointments. Their choice would be definitely according to their lifestyle and preferences.


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