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Types of Marking Devices

11/21/2012 7:29:10 AM | by Anonymous

Marking Devices

Marking devices are various tools used in placing marks to objects for reasons depending on the application. They can be as simple as pencil and permanent pen marker or as extensive as engraving and laser marking. These devices allow shapes or designs to be drawn on the object so exact cutting can be done. The type of marking devices to use depends on where it will be utilized. For simple applications like sewing, it is reasonable to manually leave a mark using tailor’s chalk. For hard objects like metal that would undergo complex cutting, the use of machineries is more suitable. It would not only help in placing a mark but can also do the actual cutting. Learning the various marking devices and their functions could help one in determining which tools are appropriate for a certain marking application.


A permanent marker, as the name implies, refers to any pen that can leave a permanent mark to almost any object such as stone, metal and paper. It is water resistant and can only be removed by a paint thinning solvent. This type of marker is used in labeling things which marks can be removed by the environment they will be exposed to. Some people label their clothing to keep track of their belongings. This is especially useful in dormitory houses where clothing getting misplaced could happen. Frequent washing of clothes can easily erase markings. With permanent markers, it would take a very long time for the label to fade.


Pens and pencils are basic marking devices used in carpentry. These devices require measuring devices such as ruler or tape measure to create precise measurement. For markings that will then be cut, the use of marking knife and scratch awl are more appropriate as a finer line can be created. Both these tools have sharp metal tip and a screwdriver like handle. Their difference can be distinguished by the shape of their edge. Marking knife has a pointed tip which resembles an ice pick but designed to pick at wood instead of ice while the edge of a marking knife is highly similar to that of a cutter. After placing the markings, chisel or saw will then do the cutting of wood.


Scratch awl can also be applied in cutting metals or any hard materials without grain. Other devices used in marking metals are engraving machines. Engraving machines have two types, rotary and laser engraving machines. Rotary engraving machines are preferred type for applications that would involve small objects such as jewelry and nameplates. They can cut deeper compared to the other type and can be used even on uneven surfaces. Laser metal engraving, on the other hand, emits a strong ray of light that is capable of burning or vaporizing metals. How fine the engraving would be depends on the distance of the light to the object’s surface. The shorter the distance, the finer the engravings will be. The advantage of laser engraving is that it can perform accurate markings and easy to use because the cutting design is set on a computer program which serves as the operator’s guide. The abilityof this marking device to cut with different depth allows it to create 3D images.

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