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Types of Limousines

10/7/2013 8:14:06 AM | by Anonymous

Limousine Service

If you are a celebrity, politician or you are very wealthy, chances are you may require a limousine to transport you in style. A limousine refers to a saloon car or luxury sedan, especially that with an extended wheelbase. Limousines are usually driven by chauffeurs. Limousines with an extended wheelbase are also known as stretch limousines due to their long unique wheelbase. The stretch limousines are usually owned by companies who provide a limousine service and they hire professional chauffeurs to drive the stretch limousines. Limousines are considered to be the most expensive form of ground transportation and they are usually associated with extreme power and wealth. Limousines may also be used in special events such as bachelor parties, weddings and proms.

Most of the limousines are either owned by limousine service companies or government. Limousines are extremely spacious and luxurious. On top of that, some special limousines may come with bulletproof glass and an armored exterior to protect important people. Most limousines company requires a booking in advance and cannot be flagged down like other normal cabs.

Types of limousines

The limousine has a divider that separates the driver from the rear passenger. This is to give passengers the privacy they need. If the passengers wish to speak with the driver, they can use an intercom system. However, not all types of limousines have such luxurious features. In the past, a limousine was considered an extension of a car. They were designed to give extra space for passengers. One example of a traditional limousine would be the London cabs, which has become an icon in London.

In modern times however, a variety of cabs have evolved. The first type would be a stretch limousine. These types of limousines are almost twice as long as the average car and can transport up to 7 passengers. Typically, these types of limousines are equipped with television screens, video players, expensive audio players, refrigerators and bars. Due to the irregular shape and wheelbase of a stretch limousine, manufacturers often use chassis which are stronger to accommodate the uneven weight distribution.

Apart from normal stretch limousines, there is also another type called the super stretch limousines. These types of limousines can be built from normal sedans and also SUVs. Super stretch limousine can hold about 15-20 people, more than twice of the normal stretch limousine. Unlike traditional stretch limousines, which usually come in black and white, super stretch limousines have been known to come in wilder colors such as pink, yellow and orange.


One of the most common types of limousines is the sedan limousine. The sedan limousine is probably the cheapest out of all the limousines. Wealthy people often purchase a sedan limousine for their transport needs. People who are able to afford a sedan limousine usually hire a driver as well to drive them around. The sedan limousine is only slightly larger than the average car and can easily transport 2-3 people in the rear seats. Most limousine services also prefer to use sedan limousines to transport their customers as well. Such services are very common in airports.

Another type of limousine would be a stage limousine. Stage limousines are more of a design statement than a functional form of transport. Stage limousines are a cross between a sedan and a bus. A stage limousine has about three doors that provide access to the forward facing seats in the limousine. Stage limousines originated from station wagons, hence the name. Station wagons were used to transport people or supplies. They were powered by horses or early cars.

Sometimes car designers or coach builders will try to develop limousines for aesthetic purposes to show off at automobile events. These types of limousines are known as exotic limousines. Even though they are extremely impractical, they are still able to transport people around. Some of the exotic brands that have been transformed include: BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Some of these exotic have extravagant features such as hot tubs and Jacuzzis.

If you are lucky enough to be rich, there is no better way to show off your wealth by traveling in a luxurious limousine. You can be sure to attract the attention of many on-lookers.

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