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Types of Laundry Equipment

10/16/2013 8:14:58 AM | by Anonymous

Laundry Equipment

Laundry equipment is a washing machine that washes laundry such as sheets and clothing. They are also known as clothes washer, laundry machine and washer. The term is mostly applied to machines that use water as opposed to dry cleaning or ultrasonic cleaners.


The washing procedures are scrubbing, dipping and rubbing in the water that is usually accompanied by bleach or detergent. Most washing machines remove the substantial amount of water from the laundry at the end of a wash cycle but may not be completely dry after the cycle. The new technology of laundry equipment has a bevy of helpful aids to assist many people in lives to complete this unwelcome task as laundry never ends.


Washing machines come in a wide variety of sizes and types. Some people separate types by the way that washing machines are loaded while others make a distinction between machines that may be adaptable in size for certain types of home.


The two basic methods that exist for washing machines are top loading and front loading. The least expensive type of washer is the regular top loading machine. This type of laundry equipment performs more poorly than the other machines due to the noises. As for front-load washers, they perform better than the top loaders and can handle larger loads too. However, they cost more and have a better spinning cycle which can reduce the drying time.


There are some machines that do not need to use detergent to wash the clothes instead they use electrolysis to separate out oxygen and hydrogen from the wash water. The oxygen molecules can break down the stains and prevent dirt in the water from getting back into the wash.


The most common found in numerous homes are still the top loading machines. Some other advantages of these machines include reduce water usage, less wear and tear on clothing because of the agitation methods that are employed in the washing cycle.


Another type of laundry equipment is the small portable washing machines that tend to wash small loads only and some people may pair them together with small electric dryers. This dryer is particularly expensive to run and may need a lot of source power. However, there are still some people whom will pay the electricians and plumbers to provide additional piping to run larger washing machines and to provide gas access for bigger dryers.


This laundry equipment is becoming more popular as many people are becoming environmentally conscious as dryers use the solar energy to dry laundry. Though drying racks and clothes lines are both frequently used and seen but there are still people prefer to use electric dryer and gas. These clothes dryer has a built-in moisture sensor that is gentle on the washing cycle as they do not produce more heat and at the same time getting them dry. Moisture sensors also can reduce the amount of energy that the dryer uses because they can cut the dryer off automatically when the clothes are dry.


Another type of dryer is the spin dryer. Spin dryer is a centrifuge machine that spins their drums much faster than a typical washer could do in order to extract additional water from the load. They can remove additional water in every two minutes than a heated tumbler dryer which takes about twenty minutes.


They have helped to save a significant amount of time and energy. Although, spinning alone will not let the clothing be completely dry but this additional step has saved a worthwhile amount of energy and time for large laundry operations such as in laundry shop and hospitals. However, some dryers can be spinned alone. They also have compact spin dryers for the convenience of the patrons in gyms and swimming pools.

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