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Types of Lamination Equipment

11/8/2013 8:00:56 AM | by Anonymous

Laminating Equipment & Supplies

Laminating is a technique of manufacturing a material in multiple layers so that the composite material can achieve improved stability, strength, appearance, sound insulation or other properties from the use of differing materials. They are usually permanently assembled by the pressure, heat, welding and adhesives.


The laminating equipment is an inexpensive way to turn the plain paper documents into truly professional looking products easily and quickly. These machines are range in capacity and size from business card size about 4inches to mosaic wall poster formats about five feet. They have different types of laminators such as roll, pouch and cold laminators.


Roll laminators are also known as film laminators. They are the kind of machines that are usually used in large organizations such as schools. This lamination equipment uses large rolls of film to laminate documents that are of any sizes and they can even laminate many documents consecutively as well as trim them when finished. The roller of this laminator can be found on the top that holds the top layer of the laminate in place. As the machine runs, the paper is run through the two sheets of adhesive-lined plastic that are heated to the extent that they will adhere permanently together around the document. An advantage of using a roll laminator is that they can process documents in any sizes and laminate many documents in a series like an assembly line.


Pouch laminators are smaller and more portable machines that use specific sizes of adhesive-lined plastic which is also known as pouches. The laminate paper that is placed inside the pouch is known as a carrier or a card stork protective wearing and run through the machine. They are like roll laminating when the plastic is heated, the two sides adhere and the document is encased in plastic. They come in thickness from 3mil to 10mil.


A mil is equal to one thousandths of an inch. However, the thicker the mil, the more rigid the finished product will be and documents that are laminated with 3 pouches may bend easily. While those that were laminated in 10mil pouches may not bend easily as they are very stiff. An advantage of the pouch lamination is that the machines are smaller and can be stored away when not in use. They are usually less expensive too.


Cold laminators are fairly new in the market. They are cold lamination equipment that uses adhesive and pressure instead of heat. This machine is the only type of lamination equipment that can ensure water-tightness and very handy for use when there is no power source around such as on location at an outdoor festival. They are also used for laying down the adhesive films in the sign making industry. They are generally the safest and easy to use than hot laminators because they do not have to be heated up. They are also an excellent option for businesses, schools and government.

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