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Types of Kitchen Cabinets

7/10/2013 2:30:31 PM | by Anonymous

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are types of furniture placed in kitchens to serve as storage. The items such as food, silverware and cooking equipment to store on the cabinet depend on how it is built and the materials it is made from. Kitchen cabinets can either be a wall or floor cabinet and ready made or customized. It is also typical nowadays for appliances to be incorporated into the cabinet making it appear as one large furniture. An early type of this furniture built in 1910s was called Hoosier cabinet. It was a stand alone furniture wherein work surfaces and storage are incorporated. Though the design differs, stand alone kitchen cabinets continue being manufactured and sold until today.


Ready made kitchen cabinets come in many designs and can be made from a variety of materials. This is advantageous to those who have no time to plan their own kitchen design. They also would not have to get confused from the myriad of materials available that they need to choose from. The room for mistakes is also limited as they already know beforehand how the cabinet will appear once installed. Even though premade cabinets are vast and being sold in many home furnishing shops, the buyer tends to stick on the nearest store he can go to and simply pick from what is available there. Installing ready made kitchen cabinets is an easier and more convenient option for many home owners.


There are many reasons why home owners have their kitchen cabinets customized. Apart from the obvious fact that they have their own preferences when it comes to design and material to use, one big factor that they take into consideration is how they can turn their kitchen functional and efficient. Also, not all premade cabinet is suitable to every kitchen. An owner may have found a certain furniture which decoration suits his taste but the design might not fit on his home kitchen. In custom kitchen cabinets, one can choose to have more shelves than cabinets or the other way around. He can also give space for any appliances he may want to integrate it with. He can have any design he thinks will work best for his kitchen produced.


Home owners that choose to have their cabinets custom made should allot higher budget as these types tend to be more expensive than ready made ones. The price would entail the materials, construction and the installation cost unlike premade cabinets that would only include standard installation once the cabinet is bought. If the budget is not a problem, custom kitchen cabinets give a lot of advantages to the residents. He can choose whether to use metal, wood or combination of these materials for the cabinet. He can also have any type of finish applied. The theme can be similar to the theme of the living room or the rest of the house or be entirely different depending on the owner’s taste. Originality is an important feature of customized cabinets. The owners who have ideas about their desired cabinets but can not create a complete design can ask assistance from expert cabinet makers as they can help materialize the idea and draw the design for them.

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