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Types of Immersion Heaters

4/30/2012 10:30:14 AM | by Anonymous


Heaters are utilized in various ways. We would normally think of them as the equipment used to provide warmth inside our home. However, this is the very reason why industries make use of heaters as well.


Furnaces and water heaters are only a few of the many types of heaters. Furnaces provide heated air in an enclosed space while water heater gives out hot water. They let us feel comfortable even during cold weather at home. Both are designed for domestic and industrial use. Another type which is used to heat water is called an immersion heater. It is an industrial heater made up of coil that works when immersed in the liquid to be heated. The portable immersion heater can be easily brought and allows hot water readily available anywhere. It can function wherever there is a source of electricity. It is suitable to sightseers who want to travel cheap. There are appliances where immersion coil is attached such as electric kettle.


The industrial function of immersion heater is to generate heat in a tank. Its three types are flanged, screw plug and over the side immersion heater. They are distinctly recognized by how they are installed. Flanged immersion heater is normally found near at the bottom of the tank horizontally installed. The coil should be completely submerged from the substance being heated. The companies that utilize this kind of heater are petroleum, chemical, food and construction industries. The screw plug immersion heaters as the name implies are screwed directly into the tank or pipe. It is ideal for heating small containers and applied for water and oil heating, freeze protection and heat water mediums. Over the side heaters are industrial heating system fit for large storage such as tank or drums wherein immersion heater cannot be easily installed. It is inserted at the top of the tank and can be removed and used to another container. It comes in different shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit your tank.


The use of heater for industrial use is vital for the successful outcome of their product. Heaters should be made from high quality materials so it can withstand harmful effects caused by the environment surrounding it.

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