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Types of Golf Equipment

10/8/2013 4:31:15 PM | by Anonymous

Golf Equipment & Supplies

It is a very expensive sport to participate in however it is also a sport that requires the least amount of golf equipment to play. What make a golf game relatively expensive are the golf equipments. Golf equipment encompasses several of items that are used for playing golf. Some types of golf equipment include the golf ball itself that implements the design for striking the ball, devices that aid in the process of playing a stroke and other items that can enrich the playing experience.


In the early days, golf balls were originally made of hardwood such as beech. However, the modern golf balls have two and three or four layer design constructed from various synthetic materials. They are 42.67mm standard diameters and a ball’s mass may not exceed 45.93g. The surface of the ball is usually surface with a pattern of 300-450 dimples designed to improve the ball’s aerodynamics by allowing to spin and create the lift. These materials can be used and greatly affect the ball’s playing characteristics such as trajectory, distance, feel and spin. Some make the materials harder which can result in the ball’s traveling longer distance while softer the cover such as urethane that will tend to generate higher spin and more ‘feel’.


A golf player usually carries several clubs during the game. There are three major types of clubs which are known as irons, woods and putters. Woods are played for long shots from the fairway or tee and occasionally rough. Irons are for precision shots from fairways and rough. A new type of golf club is called a hybrid which combines the straight hitting characteristics of irons with the ease to hit characteristics of higher lofted woods.


They are often used for long shots from difficult rough hit. Hybrids are also used when players have a difficult time getting the ball airborne with long irons. As for putters, they are mostly played on the green but they can also be useful when playing from bunkers or for some approach shots. They have minimal loft that forces the ball to stay on the putting surface when struck. However, the most common clubs to find in a golfer’s bag are the driver, numbered irons from 3 to 9 with hybrids, 3 woods, a putter, pitching and sand wedges.


Another type of golf equipment are golf bags, they are mostly made of nylon, canvas or leather, plastic or metal reinforcement and framing. They have several pockets designed for carrying various equipment and supplies that require over the course of a round of golf. Some of the more expensive bags have pockets or sleeves within the main compartment for each individual club that allows the desired club to be easily removed from the bag and returned without any interference from the grips of the other clubs or internal hardware of the bag. Generally, golf bags are designed to be carried by the player while on the course and they have dual or single strapped bags that are lightweight in construction to reduce the burden on the player.


Golf carts are vehicles used to transport golf clubs or golf players around in the golf course. They are designed to carry both player and bags. They are powered by an electric and battery motors though gasoline powered carts are sometimes used by course staff. They are generally around 4 feet wide x 8 feet long and 6 feet high.


Tee is an object of either plastic or wooden that is pushed into or placed on the ground to rest a ball on top for an easier shot. However this only allowed for the first stroke of each hole. Tees are basically spikes with a small cup on the head to hold the ball and are usually made of wood or plastic. These wooden tees are inexpensive and can be disposable if the player damage or break during the course of a round.


The other type of material is plastic tee which are more expensive but it can last longer. The length of the tees varies according to the club intended to be used and personal preference. Some tees can also be planted deeper for use with other clubs however they will tend to break more often. There are shorter tees that are suitable for irons and are more easily inserted as well as they are less easily broken than long tees.


In the golf equipment category, they should have club head covers. As they are to protect the clubs from striking each other or any incidental damage while in the bag. This will also make clubs more identifiable at a glance and provide a personal touch to a golf player’s clubs. The most common club head covers are the player’s driver and fairway woods as modern designs have large hollow heads and long shafts to make them prone to damage.


A ball mark repair tool is used to repair a ball mark and they are also known as a divot tool or a pitchfork. Some tees contain such a tool at the end for pure convenience. To repair a ball mark, push the tool next to the mark and push it gently inwards from all sides, this will loosen the compact turf by allowing rapid re-growth of grass and flattens the mark with the smooth flat booth of the putter to smoothen the surface.

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