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Types of Glasswares

4/30/2012 10:29:47 AM | by Anonymous


Glasswares are articles made of glass set on a table. They include drinking containers, tableware and vases as well. They are typically designed for everyday use but their beauty make them suitable to use as decorations. The use of glassware can instantly make an event a sophisticated one.


As the name implies, it is normal that the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear of glasswares are objects for drinking. This is probably because among its types, drinkware is the most widely used. The various shapes and sizes of drinkwares available serve different functions.


The basic glasswares are highball and old fashioned glass. The shape of the former is tall and narrow while the latter is wide and short. These glasses cater everyday drinks such as water, juice, soda and iced tea. Barware glasses are used for serving alcoholic drinks. Wide array of glasses fall under this type. There are specifically designed barwares for each type of alcoholic beverages. Beer glass includes mug, pilsner and pint to name a few.


Margarita and martini have their own design of stemmed glassware. The glass bowl of martini is v-shaped while margarita have rounded top. Other stemwares are used for wine, cocktails and mixed drinks. Goblet water is a stemware used for water. This stylish glassware is commonly used in formal occasions and in restaurants to make the event more sophisticated.


The smallest type of barware is the shot glass. It is designed for holding a small amount of strong alcoholic beverage which is drunk in one quick straight shot. The shot glass is characterized with thick base and sides.


Organizing an event does not have to be expensive in order to achieve a classy environment. The simple presence of glasswares can instantaneously bring an elegant atmosphere on formal occasions such as family gatherings, wedding and holidays.

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