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Types of Floorings

11/5/2012 1:28:21 PM | by Anonymous


There are various flooring materials that can be used as a covering for the floor. Flooring materials can provide different effect at the home where they are applied. The covering materials can be categorized as floorings and floor covering. These terms are commonly used interchangeably but they have one distinct difference. Flooring refers to immovable covers attached on the surface such as tiles, stone and wood while floor coverings include more loose-laid materials such as carpets, rugs, linoleum and vinyl.


Among the available flooring materials, wood has always been a favorite of many when it comes to flooring. Wood floorings are known for their ability to make a place appear classy and elegant. Beside this reason, hardwood flooring contains feature which makes it advantageous over other flooring materials.


Hardwood floors are durable to the point that it can last for as long as 100 years. They can withstand heavy foot traffic and active workspaces. Even though they tend to be more costly, they do not need to be maintained unlike other materials that would require a replacement to put back the beauty of the floor. Another reason why the cost should not stop a person from using hardwood is because they play a big role in increasing the value of your house. So in case you have plans of selling your property in the future, you can surely earn back the money you spend multiple times. Worn out laminated floors and old carpets are not factors that can be considered when setting a price if you are about to sell your house. Wood discolorates and fades overtime but can be easily fixed by applying new finish or darker stains.


This type of floorings do not serve as breeding ground for mildews, molds and dust mites which are the usual cause of damage in laminated floors. They do not attract as much dust as well when compared to carpet. These advantages lead to explaining that hardwood floor is more hygienic and beneficial to people with allergies. Molds, mildews and dust mites which can cause allergies and may be harmful to children will be avoided. One can be assured that indoor air is clean and allergens free. Cleaning it is easy as well as it does not involve washing and scrubbing unlike carpets. A simple sweep, vacuum and mop at hardwood floorings should be enough.


Tile floorings are available in various designs, patterns, shapes and sizes. Different tiles can be mixed and matched to come up with a unique design. This instantly adds up as a room decoration. Exquisitely designed tiles also tend to be cheaper than hardwood making the former a practical and popular material. Installation can also be done by the homeowner which means there is no need to shell out money for construction cost. Repair is easy and less costly as well as only the damaged material needs to be replaced. They are known to be stain resistant and spills can be cleaned easily by wiping it up. Another reason why this material is preferred is because of its versatility. There are tiles flooring material than can work well with bathroom and kitchen floors.

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