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Types of First Aid Kits and its Content

7/30/2015 8:54:28 AM | by Ria Lopez

First Aid Kits

A collection of supplies and equipment used to apply first aid is known as a first aid kit and it is very necessary for an individual or organization to keep these kinds of medical kits especially to industries where accidents can happen. A wide range of contents can be put together inside a first aid kit depending on the type and use. It can be assembled in any type of container like fabric pouches, durable plastic boxes, and wall mounted cabinets to keep it clean, safe, and sterile.

First Aid Kits complies with ISO standards which includes the a) green background with white cross (ISO first aid symbol), b) white background with green cross(alternative ISO first aid symbol), c) white background with Red Cross(symbol of Red Cross), and d) star of life.

The content of a first aid box is intended to treat minor injuries such as bandages, adhesives, gauze, disinfectant, and regular strength pain medication. There are also specialized first aid kits which focus on the risks according to the specialization or field of work.

Types of First Aid Kits
• Home First Aid Kits – the basic content of a medical kit used or stored at home: antiseptic hand cleanser, alcohol wipes, tweezers, medical adhesive tape, insect bite swabs, bandage scissors, triangular bandages, elastic bandages, and instant cold packs.
• Sports First Aid Kits – focus on orthopedic injuries where it contains compression wraps and cold packs and usually comes with small or big pack depending on the size of the group.
• Office First Aid Kits – most first aid at work consists of drugs intended to cure adults and is easily restocked after each use.
• First Responder Kits – refer to all levels of emergency medical response which typically consists of belt packs with flashlights and shears, blood pressure cuffs, and stethoscopes.
• Military First Aid Kits – include tactical and military first aid kits that are easily deployed especially in a very difficult situation. These usually have tourniquets, clothing agents, and other wound dressing specifically applied on severe wounds.
• Camping First Aid Kits – materials included in the wilderness first aid kits depends on how deep you are planning to go.
• Medical First Aid Kits – include items specializing in medical field such as first aid equipments that used to tackle heart attacks and automatic external defibrillator applicable for both kids and adults.

How to make a Home First Aid Kit
1. Choose, Locate, Maintain your kit.
A first aid bag can be a large, translucent, flexible, and water resistant plastic container enclosed using a zipper or a latch-top lid. Put markings such as “First Aid Kit” for easy identification. Separating the items by type is much better for easy access.
2. Make it safely and easily accessible.
Placed the first aid kit on a consistent spot where it is visible and accessible such as linen closet shelf informing everyone of its location.
3. Inform each member about the kit.
Make sure to instruct each member of the family on how to use the first aid kit by making an instruction booklet or first aid guide.
4. Keep it updated.
Always check the availability of the items on your first aid kit and ensure to restock it every now and then.
5. Make a checklist of items which should be included in the first aid kit.
List all the basic medication and ointments needed as well as items used in curing injuries such as bandage, scissor, disinfectant and other medical tools.

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