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Types of Fire Extinguishing Systems

5/22/2013 10:39:18 AM | by Anonymous

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Fire extinguishing system is a type of active fire protection that makes use of fire extinguisher to hold fire. It is usually applied on a business or office environment instead on residential structures. Fire extinguishing systems are not suitable for use on serious situations such as ceiling high fire which can be put out more effectively with a water sprinkler. Fire extinguisher is a hand-held active fire protection device containing agent used to extinguish a fire when discharged. As fire extinguishing system alone would not be adequate for use in all fire incidents, building owners should consider various factors to determine which active fire protection the structure should equip. The various factors are the size of the building, the materials the structure is built from and if there are fire hazards related to the business.


Fire extinguishers are vital devices to be kept around structures to quickly respond to fire emergency situations. When this device is properly used, one can greatly prevent fire from spreading, properties from getting damaged and lost of lives. There are four types namely water fire extinguisher, foam fire extinguisher, dry power fire extinguisher and CO2 fire extinguisher. Each of them is used for certain types of fire. Knowing the right type of fire extinguisher to use is important as using the wrong one can worsen the spread of fire which may be more harmful not only to properties but also to human.


The water fire extinguisher, from the name itself, uses water to exterminate fire. It contains water under high pressure that when dispensed to fire will cut off its supply of oxygen choking the fire. The water fire extinguisher is typically used for Class A fires and not suitable for liquid or electrical fires. Class A refers to fire that involves wood, plastics and cardboard. It is the least expensive and most widely used fire extinguisher.


Both dry powder fire extinguisher and foam fire extinguisher are dry chemical extinguishers. The foam fire extinguisher is filled with nitrogen pressurized foam. Despite of foam being more expensive than water, it is more versatile as the latter can be used in putting out class A and class fires. Foam fire extinguisher is not recommended to use for electrical fires.


The dry powder fire extinguisher is considered a multi-purpose extinguisher


Active fire protection or fire suppression system is commonly used with fire alarms and smoke or heat detectors to quickly identify the occurrence of fire. Once combustion is detected, it will release any of these substances, water, inert gases or chemical agents to put out the fire. The fire suppression system may be activated manually or automatically.

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