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Types of Filling Machines

5/27/2013 12:35:04 PM | by Anonymous

Filling Machines

Filling machines are equipment used for packaging of various products, mainly food and beverages. Depending on the product, the container to be filled can either be a bottle or bag. These machines are usually found in manufacturing industry to promote quality and efficiency on the manufacturing process. Products such as sugar, cereals and fresh milk are available in certain quantities. Filling machines are set to fill up the cartons, plastic bags or bottles with the exact amount of product designated to each of them.


Being a usual part of an assembly line system, filling machine is a vital component of a bottling process. This type of filling machine is present on facilities that produce liquid based products such as beverages, chemicals and household cleaners. The bottling process includes filling, labeling and packing equipment. These equipment are incorporated with a bottle conveying system which is responsible in transporting bottles to go through the different processes. The bottle conveyor will make sure that the bottles are held securely to keep them aligned with the filling machine.


There are several types of filling machine used in various packaging industry. The types which are commonly utilized in the production of goods are liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine and granular filling machine. Liquid filling machine is applied in the production of the liquid-based products such as carbonated drink, perfume, alcoholic beverages, shampoo, oil and so on. It is convenient to use and easy to hold. It is suitable in filling sticky paste products as it can also feed hopper.


Paste filling machine is the most sough out type of filling machine in the market today. The reason behind this is because of its perfect appearance. It is also exquisitely made and performs in a very unique way. Applied in the production of cosmetics, paste filling machines are utilized as well in the field of sauces, ointment, honey and other paste products.


From the name itself, powder filling machines are used in the manufacture of any powdery materials such as powdered milk, flour, chemical agent, pesticide and a lot more. Similar to paste filling machine, this type is designed exquisitely. It follows the augur filling principle which marks the beginning of innovation in how filling machines work. Auger filling machines have cone shaped hopper that holds the dry mixes or the powdery materials. They will be poured inside a pouch made of paper or poly forming a ring with the use of an auger screw controlled by the agitator. The pouch is then sealed through a series of dies and heaters.


Granular filling machinery is similar to powder filling machine yet considered to be more efficient to use in granular fill processes. It is applied in packaging of all kinds of granules such as medicine, pesticide, sugar, coffee, tea and others.


There are other types of filling machines such as those used in attaching bristles to toothbrush. This specialized filling machine works by pushing bristles into holes in the head of the handle and then stapling them into place.

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