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Types of Fasteners and Their Joints

4/19/2012 2:02:46 PM | by Anonymous


Fasteners are devices used to attach or join two objects or parts together. Numerous varieties of fasteners are available suitable for residential and industrial use. They are used in clothing and industrial equipment. Fasteners used in clothing are snap fasteners, zipper, buttons and hooks. Industries utilize them in assembling furniture, equipment, vessels and automobiles. Industrial fasteners can either create permanent or non-permanent joints.


Non-permanent joint is the capability of an object to be dismantled without damaging it. It includes threaded fasteners like screws, bolts, washers and nuts produce non-permanent joints. Screw is a piece of metal with incised thread and slotted head. It is designed to be inserted into a hole which is either threaded or unthreaded. It can be tightened or released by simply turning the head. Bolts, on the other hand, work the same as screws but a nut or washer is involved to tightly fasten it into the hole. Bolts can be found in the joint parts of desktop computer tables while screws are usually seen in doors. Hex head cap, twelve point cap, torx head cap and flange head are types of screws to name but a few.


Fasteners like rivets permanently join parts. Rivet is a metal pin composed of a flat head, shaft and a tail used to hold metal sheets together. It is vital in holding the parts of huge structures such as buildings, bridges, aircrafts, vessels, locomotives and automobiles. There are two major ways on how structure parts are joined. The types of riveted joints are lap joints and butt joints. Lap joint happens by fastening two ends of overlapping material or when drilling is done on the edges of two boards wherein one sits on top of another. Butt joint is formed by connecting two aligned objects from end to end. A cover plate is placed above the meeting point then riveted.


The use of fasteners is important in the construction and manufacture of household items and industrial equipment. They make sure that the things are safe to use and would not easily break into pieces.

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