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Types of Epoxy Resins

4/13/2012 10:58:14 AM | by Anonymous


Epoxy resins contain two substances namely resin and hardener that when combined form a material with incredible durability. They have several types which are used for adhesion, casting and coating.


Epoxy is commonly used as adhesives. Epoxy resin adhesives are considered as very powerful bonding agent allowing two objects to unite inseparably. It is called “super glue” because of its ability to join almost any type of materials permanently. It can be applied in wood, glass, stone, metal and plastic. Homes and businesses take advantage of this type of epoxy. Repairing a broken object at home and construction of cars and furniture are just some of the many uses of epoxy as adhesives.


On the other hand, epoxy coating is applied to items that are severely damaged. It is used when a broken object does not only have to be attached together but there are spaces needed to be filled in. The toughness of epoxy resin coatings can be proven with their various industrial applications such as coatings for aircraft wings and propeller in vessels. They are waterproof and resistant to chemical spills and fire.


Another type is epoxy resin castings. It is used to mould various objects of different forms and sizes. Epoxy resin has wide temperature tolerance and great strength. Since it involves two substances, resin and hardener has to be weighed separately before mixed to avoid problems such as bubbles in casting, cracking and sticking parts in tool and to ensure a perfectly shaped object.


Epoxy allows us to create, repair and manufacture things. Its various types and applications are proofs of the many uses of epoxy and how valuable it is in the society. It is an economical substance which can be easily used by just about anyone. Homes and industries utilize this material because of its flexibility, durability and ability to withstand different situations.

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