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Types of Engineering Works

9/27/2012 1:17:40 PM | by Anonymous

Engineering Works

Engineering works refer to the several different categories of engineering that are present in today’s society. Their role is to constantly come up with solution to everyday problems and to make life and society better. Today, there are several types of engineering jobs, such as mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical engineering to name a few. Almost every thing involves engineering. There are several sub-categories under these categories, each catering to a specific area. Most, if not all, engineering jobs require a person to have the ability to think creatively and form solutions to problem, while having mathematical and science expertise. Engineers design and build things by using conventional methods to make life easier and provide alternatives or solutions to problems that many people face on a daily basis. From designing the structure of a chair to constructing a building, engineering is involved though in different forms. An engineer must ensure that his or her idea is feasible and working on and building the design would be worth the time and cost.


Mechanical Engineering

One of the most important engineering works in today’s world, mechanical engineering plays a huge role in making life more convenient and easy for many. From constructing a space shuttle to an artificial limb, mechanical engineering is involved. Using the principles of physics, mathematics, economics in design and material science, mechanical engineers construct and maintain mechanical equipment. Heat and mechanical power are combined in this field to create and operate machinery. Some examples of products that are designed, tested and manufactured by mechanical engineers can be ventilation systems, cars, ships and household appliances.


Chemical Engineering

As the name would suggest, chemical engineers deal with chemicals, improving or developing new solutions to problems. Similar to mechanical engineering, chemical engineering has several sub-categories that focus on certain aspects involving chemistry. Chemical engineers can be found working in the agricultural industry to experiment and form new fertilizers or pesticides, in the biomedical industry forming new medicines or in the environmental industry creating insecticides or other chemicals for environmental use. Chemical engineers play a role in several different areas that affect daily life. From manufacture of food products to paints and detergents, this type of engineering works play a vital role in today’s society. Chemical engineers also deal with design, construction and the operation of plants and machinery that make use of chemicals such as dyes acids, etc. It is, thus, important that chemical engineers be familiar with both mechanical and chemical engineering.


Civil Engineering

Dealing with the designing, planning, construction and maintenance of structures, civil engineering alters the geography as a response to the needs of humans. Civil engineering may not only refer to the construction of structures but it also has several subdivisions under it such as transportation which includes the construction and maintenance of railroads, highways, etc, and hydraulics which refers to river control, irrigation, water supply, sewage disposal, swamp draining, etc. Under the category of construction of structures in civil engineering, it can refer to the building and maintenance of structures such as skyscrapers, tunnels and bridges. Dealing with the design and construction of complex infrastructure, civil engineering is another one of many engineering works that plays a very important role in today’s ever changing world. Engineers in this field must have the knowledge of several different engineering fields such as sciences, mathematics and physics which they have to implement when working on projects.


A civil engineer who has expertise in the construction and maintenance may not have a license and knowledge to construct a building, and thus many countries have strict laws that engineers have to follow. Civil engineers’ role in the society is very important as they must design structures that are able to withstand the impacts of natural disasters. Civil engineers often work together with architects, whereby the architect designs a structure and the civil engineer translates the design into a mechanically functional structure.

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