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Types of Electrical Measuring Instruments

5/29/2013 10:56:39 AM | by Anonymous

Electrical Measuring Instruments

Electrical measuring instruments, from the name itself, refer to devices used for measuring various electrical aspects such as the presence and amount of current, voltage, resistance and power through installation. Measuring these aspects is important to determine if the electrical system is installed appropriately. Some electrical measuring instruments that measure one of the electrical aspects mentioned are ammeters, voltmeter and ohmmeters.


Ammeters are electrical instruments utilized to measure current in a circuit. The evaluation it does in the flow of current is read in “amps” as the unit. Ammeters are available in various designs which allow them to test the presence and amount of current in electrical devices of different sizes. They are used in various applications both residential and commercial use. The wiring system of new buildings needs to be checked to make sure they are properly working. This can be done with the use of ammeter. It is also used by electricians to see if there are problems on the wiring system of older buildings. Manufacturing companies involve in the production of electrical equipment also utilize this electrical measuring instrument to test the products before they are supplied to the market for sale. There are ammeters that can measure direct current, alternating current or both. They have to be properly set to avoid short circuit or the device to malfunction as ammeters tend to have low resistance.


Voltmeters are electrical devices that measure the voltage or potential difference between two points in a circuit. The units of measure of voltmeters are expressed in “volts”. Voltage works by connecting it parallel to the circuit. There are analog and digital voltmeters which difference can be distinctly recognized by how the readings are presented. Analog voltmeters show the voltage through a pointer that moves across the scale while digital voltmeters provide a numerical display of voltage. Voltmeters are also made available in a variety of styles. There are portable voltmeters, also known as multimeter for its ability to measure current and resistance, applied in testing electrical and electronics work. The ability of multimeter to measure voltage, resistance and current is made possible by Ohm’s Law. Fixed apparatus such as generators need instruments that can be mounted in a panel permanently.


Ohmmeters, which uses ohm as unit of measurement, are devices that measure the electrical resistance through a circuit. These equipment are important on installations that require correct resistance in order to function properly such as speakers. Ohmmeters also check the flow of current to make sure that it is running continuously. Today, ohmmeters come with digital displays which can provide much more accuracy on the readings. To ensure the precision of the result, an ohmmeter should be used on checking the resistance of a device that generates its own current. For this electrical measuring instrument to work properly, it should measure resistance according to the flow of current coming from its own battery. Interference from an external current source may result to false readings.


Multimeters are a popular type of electrical measuring instrument because of its versatility. It works like an ammeter, ohmmeter and voltmeter for it can measure current, voltage as well as resistance. Similar to other electrical measuring instruments, multimeters are available in analog and digital types.

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