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Types of Early and Modern Clocks

3/26/2012 9:38:17 AM | by Anonymous


Our movement and actions are reliant on time. The clock is an important device of civilization that makes it possible for us to manage our daily lives. Without clocks to let us know the time can lead to disarray and chaos.


The earliest time keepers are sun dial and water clocks. Sun dial can only be used in day time because it depends on the position of the sun to indicate the time. A rod would cast the sun’s shadow upon a plane or surface that is marked with the hours. Water clock was able to resolve the problem with sundials since it can be used even at night. However, the rate of flow of water is difficult to control so it still needed sundial’s help to set the water clock accurately.


More types of clocks are invented that can accurately show the time and can still be seen in households at present. Three of the modern clocks are mechanical, electrical and atomic. Mechanical clocks are powered by mechanical means such as spring, coiled spring or falling weights. They include clocks which are not powered by electricity i.e. grandfather and cuckoo.


Electrical clocks run on electricity supplied through a battery or a main power source. Quartz clock which is the most commonly used clock in the world falls under electrical clock. It is a clock which has a quartz crystal that is introduced into an oscillating electric circuit. The vibration of a quartz crystal is very constant and the frequency of it is used to determine the accuracy of the timepiece.


Atomic clock is an extremely accurate timekeeping piece regulated by the resonance frequency of atoms or molecules of certain substances such as cesium. It is very expensive and can only be found in laboratories and standards organizations.


The development of clocks has shaped today’s civilization. We take time seriously. We would not be able to get things done and be efficient without clocks that would let us know how long we have spent on doing our work.

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