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Types of Display Fixtures

12/31/2012 9:42:07 AM | by Anonymous

Display Fixtures

Display fixtures are any object utilized for the sole purpose of displaying items in store. They can be built from one of these materials such as glass, wood, plastic and metal or a combination of any. They can be bought pre-manufactured or customized according to the application and preference of the store owner. The different places where display fixtures are installed include grocery stores, house, restaurants, clothing stores, museums, offices and exhibitions to name a few. There are various types of fixtures available in the market which are made especially for a specific purpose or can be used interchangeably with other fixtures depending on the impact the owner think it could do with exhibited items. A carefully selected fixture and how the items are displayed can determine whether the goods or artworks will catch the interest of buyers or viewers.


The fixtures we might be most familiar with are those found in retail stores. Gondola, or more commonly known as shelving, is a free standing floor object holding items for sale. It is composed of several layers of flat piece of wood which can either be double isle display shelving (double sided) or wall display shelving (single sided). Isle display shelving is located in the middle portion of a space so both sides can be used to store items. It also serves as a division to create sections of products and let people to walk and look around. Wall display shelving, on the other hand, is pushed to the wall. The use of gondola is the most suitable display fixture for grocery stores as it allows for a lot of items to be displayed. Other display fixtures that can be seen on retail shops are vegetable racks and offer bins. Vegetable racks, as the name implies, are used to display vegetable as well as fruits. Offer bins can be used for several purposes but if derived from the name itself could mean a bin used to store different products under promotion. They are situated on places where the consumers can easily recognize them.


There are several applications of glass display fixtures but the place where they can be seen most of the time is clothing stores. Mannequins wearing fashionable clothing are displayed on them. Since glass is a transparent material, the passers by will get to see what is on display in it and might be drawn to the shop. This is a good start to let consumers see the other items they have inside the store which might lead to sales. There are factors to consider before installing glass fixtures. Before anything else, one should make sure that it meets safety standard to avoid accidents caused by easily broken glasses. Instead of wood, the shelving in fashion boutique is made of glass to create a sophisticated ambience. As any shelving, its length and width should be determined first before producing and installing. The store design should be carefully planned to make sure that the space is maximized and the items be displayed strategically.


The fixtures in offices are somewhat different compared to the first two types of display fixtures as the latter are used for commercial purposes. Office display fixtures are mostly concerned about comfort and functionality. The cabinets should be within reach and able to show everything on display. The desk ideally should be ergonomic and the cubicle is preferably to be of proper height so as to provide enough space and set privacy for every employee.

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