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Types of Directory

10/25/2012 7:35:16 AM | by Anonymous

Advertising: Directory Guide

A directory is a database of information listed in an orderly manner. They are arranged alphabetically or according to topic, region or theme. The first form of directories is printed telephone directories provided by telephone companies to list both residential and commercial numbers. Today, people mostly rely on surfing the internet and visiting websites to gather information to almost about anything. To allow users to easily search for the specific information or resources they need, web directory has been developed. Unlike search engine, a web directory does not provide search results based on keywords. One has to choose the category and the sub category manually to reach the listing that he is aiming for. Its database is also typically much smaller than search engine as the former does not have a spider or web crawler which is a program that browses the World Wide Web to look at the sites. Web directories can have a simple look up portion found on the homepage which supports searching but the function is very limited.


A web directory could be a list of phone numbers, businesses, services, addresses, websites and individuals to name a few. A listing could comprise several of these or focus in only one. Web directories have various types such as general directories, blog directories and business directories to name a few.


General Directory

General directories list collections of categorized website links on the World Wide Web. Since a directory should presenting links related to each other, the users get to find a lot of similar themed websites on a single page. The first category could be a general one which will boil down to more specific categories. For an instance, directory is the main category which is further categorized into web directory until it reaches telephone directory sub-category. The links in general directories are occasionally updated by a human to ensure that they are active and related to each other. The first few listings in general directories are usually inserted by the editor then the compilation grows by allowing site owners to submit links for inclusion. The submitted link may be added automatically on the list or have to be personally reviewed by editors to ensure suitability. The automatic inclusion in general directories are made possible by computer software designed to be capable of determining whether or not to accept a link and where it should be placed. Some directories ask for payment to guarantee link placements.


Blog Directory

Blog directory focuses on listing blogs, a shorten term for web logs. Blogs are a type of website in which an individual or group of people frequently update by posting articles. Since there are a lot of blogs that emerged over the years, blog directories are created to sort them according to interests. Apart from listing only the URL, reviews or descriptions are added to give users an insight on what the blog is really about. There are also niche blog directories to cater specific types of blogs. A common example of this is a directory for travel blogs. This type is easier to manage as the amount of listings would be much more limited.


Business Directory

Online business directories are somewhat similar to telephone directory. The business name is listed together with their contact numbers. Other information can also be shown such as company logo and a brief description about their services. A business directory is considered a type of internet advertising so it is common for this directory to have several listing options. Higher paying advertisers are provided bigger space and given a privilege of exhibiting other data such as images of their products and services.

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