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Types of Degreasers

11/14/2013 3:13:09 PM | by Anonymous


Degreasers are essentially chemicals used to clean or remove substances that are hard to clean such as oil and grease. Degreasers are also known as solvent degreasers. There are many types of solvent degreasers such as ultrasonic, cleaners, metal, vapor and industrial. Each type of solvent degreasers has their own specific purpose which is used for many different applications and job tasks. Thus, it is important to consider a few factors before deciding which solvent degreaser would be the most suitable for the job. These solvent degreasers also have to meet the local environment standards first before they can be sold.

Industrial solver degreasers are one of the most common types of solvent degreasers available that are widely used across many industries. Industrial solvent degreasers are used in businesses such as cafes and restaurants to remove cooking grease in the kitchen as often as possible. Factories that have production lines along with warehouses also utilize such industrial solvent degreasers to meet their needs. This is because the machinery used in these industries produce a lot of unwanted grease that may pose as a slipping hazard to the factory workers. Even though these industrial solvent degreasers are used more for industrial purposes, hardware stores also sell them to the average user. The average user may use these solvent degreasers to clear grease in their garages or driveways.

The next type of solvent degreasers is metal solvent degreaser. Metal solvent degreasers are often used in machinery such as engines, vehicles or any other types of machinery that produces a lot of grease. There are also engine solvent degreasers that fall into this category. Engine solvent degreasers are used specifically for engines as the chemicals are designed to degrease the components of an engine such as the bearings, motor, joints and other parts of the engine that have a build up of grease. There are also some metal degreasers which the individual parts have to be soaked into the degreasers to remove the grease. Carburetor cleaner tanks also use this method to clean machinery parts. Metal solvent degreasers are one of the strongest solvent degreasers and there is no other way to remove thicker greases from metal pieces or parts.

The next type of solvent degreaser is the vapor solvent degreaser. Vapor solvent degreasers use vapor instead of liquids to degrease objects. These vapors have special chemicals that are stored in separate tanks which hold the different solvents. The parts that requires degreasing are placed in a holding area or attached to a device and they are placed on top of the vapor. The vapor then comes into contact with the parts which remove the grease effectively without having to submerge them into any type of liquid.

The next types of solvent degreaser are solvent cleaner degreasers. Solvent cleaner degreasers not only remove grease but acts as a cleaning agent as well. They are often used in applications such as kitchens, cooking areas or any other food preparation areas to remove the grease of the equipment while cleaning it at the same time. These solvent cleaning degreasers are very popular as they are able to accomplish two tasks at once, making it very convenient for users as it saves time and money.

The last types of solvent degreasers are ultrasonic solvent degreasers. Ultrasonic solvent degreasers are perhaps one of the most advanced types of solvent degreasers available. Ultrasonic solvent degreasers use ultrasonic waves to degrease objects. The objects are put into a tank which is then sealed to prevent the waves from leaking out. Ultrasonic waves are then sent to the object to break down the grease. These ultrasonic solvent degreasers are usually used for small objects such as tools or jewelry as the containing tanks are very small.

Thus, even though there are many types of solvent degreasers, they still accomplish one basic task: to remove unwanted grime and grease off objects. So it depends on where the grease is and how much grease there is to decide on appropriate degreaser to suit your needs.

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