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Types of Cushions

4/2/2012 9:42:19 AM | by Anonymous


The function of cushions is primarily to provide comfort. Cushion is a case made of leather, cloth or plastic and loaded with soft materials such as feathers, foam rubber or air. We see them on top of seats so hard chairs will be more pleasurable for sitting. They are also used to make reclining, kneeling and resting more soothing. Cushions can be matched with any indoor and outdoor furniture whether it is leather, iron, rattan, teak and wicker. There are various cushions available in different colors, shapes and sizes that are created for several types of seating material.


Bench cushions are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Benches can be found in porch swings, foyers, patios or just anywhere around the house. It can also be very useful in the living room. Since outdoor bench cushions are exposed to elements that may damage it, they are produced from fabrics with resistance to stains, mold and color fading.


Built-in window seats are created to maximize the living space. Adding a window seat cushion is one way to customize its appearance. It also tends to be exposed to sunlight so a durable fade resistance cushion should also be used. The design of cushions and throw pillows are usually coordinated to match the theme of the room.


Chaise lounge chair is a wonderful outdoor relaxation seat made more enjoyable by affixing a chaise cushion. The cushion on this chair should also be water repellant since they are commonly found on poolside.


There are cushions used for medical purposes like coccyx and waffle cushions. Coccyx cushions have cut out section at the back to provide relief to tail bone and treat spinal and back pain disorders. On the other hand, waffle cushions are used for prevention and treatment of pressure sores.


Cushions are typically customized to make sure they will fit the chair. It is important to get the accurate measure of the area and what materials to be used before ordering in order to obtain the right look for your furniture.

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