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Types of Crystals

11/7/2013 8:28:22 AM | by Anonymous


A crystal is a type of solid that has a crystalline structure. Crystals are often used as decoration items or jewelry. Crystals are usually found and extracted but the technology today allows crystals to be grown in the laboratory. Precious crystals such as diamonds are very rare which is why items with crystals cost a lot of money. However, there are also cheap crystals such as salt and sugar that are used for enhancing the taste of food. There are also harmful crystals that form in the body called gout crystals.

The first type of crystal is the Austrian crystal. The Austrian crystal is a type of crystal that was invented by the famous crystal maker Swarovski. It started off with the owner Daniel Swarovski inventing his own automatic cutting machine. He then stated a company that manufactures their own crystals into unique forms. Swarovski is now one of the biggest names in the jewelry industry.

What makes an Austrian crystal so unique is that the crystal is combined with hand-blown glass. This allows the crystal to be cut into many different forms. This is why the Swarovski has so many different unique designs such as glass beads, pens, watches, chandeliers, rhinestones and even some computer parts. Another unique factor of Austrian crystals is their composition. After experimenting many times, Swarovski added lead to its molten glass. This made the crystal have an extremely high refraction rate which contributes to its shine. On top of that, chemical coatings were added to the crystals to further enhance the shine of the crystals and the sparkle as well.

Swarovski products are extremely popular as they are less expensive than other crystal jewelry and they are able to offer a wide range of products to choose from which are finely crafted by skilled workmen. To showcase some of its most elegant crystal pieces, Swarovski has its own museum located in Austria.

The next type of crystal is the honey crystal. Honey crystals are essentially dried honey that comes in a crystalline structure. These honey crystalline granules are extracted from liquid honey. Most of the honey crystals are made from pure honey, but sometimes other chemicals are added to alter its taste. Common uses of honey crystals are in sauces, cereals and other packaged products as an alternative to sugar. Honey crystals can also be used when cooking as it is less messy than its liquid form.

Apart from its crystal form, honey crystals may also come in flakes and powders. Honey’s ability to absorb water easily makes it good for baking purposes as it is able to remove moisture from the flour. Since honey is sweet, they are good sweeteners for beverages as well.

The downside of honey crystals is that they are much more expensive than sugar crystals. However, honey crystals are much sweeter and much healthier than sugar crystals.

The next types of crystals are harmful crystals known as gout crystals. Gout crystals are monosodium urate that deposits themselves inside a person’s joints. This causes an inflammatory condition that is known as gout. These gout crystals are formed by excess uric acid in the blood. These gout crystals may also appear in kidneys, which lead to kidney stones. Having gout crystals in joints causes much pain and swelling. These gout crystals cannot be removed from the joints, but there are different types of medicines and techniques to reduce the swelling, pain and further deposition of gout crystals.


When in the joint, these crystals are constantly grinding against the components in the joint which causes damage and pain in the joints. One of the best ways to avoid gout crystals is by simply lowering the amount of uric acid entering the body. This involves changing the current diet plans to ensure that not too much uric acid is entering the body.

These are just a few types of crystals that exist and there are many more types of crystals that can be used for many other different purposes. These crystals can be used as jewelry, food enhancers or they could even harm us. However, while there are so many variations of crystals, one common thing about crystals is its structure and it is why they are called crystals in the first place.


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