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Types of Crane Accessories

9/30/2013 12:53:40 PM | by Anonymous

Crane Accessories

Cranes are machines that are generally equipped with wire ropes, hoist and sheaves that can be used to lift and lower materials as well as to move them horizontally or vertically. They are mostly employed in the construction industry for the movement of materials, transport industry for the loading and unloading of freight and or in the manufacturing industry for the assembling of heavy equipment. They used one or more simple machines to create mechanical with an advantage of moving loads beyond the normal capability of a man. They are very helpful and efficient tool that make task easy to perform for industrial and lifts heavy material from place A to B. Some of the crane accessories are wire crank hook, strand jack and telehandler.


Crane Hook

This is a point of attachment on a crane designed to connect with ropes and chains attached to load like construction beams, crates or machinery. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to meet various needs and other parts of the crane. It is important for the operators to know and avoid using an underrated crane hook as this would result to damaging the crane or loss of the load. However, there are several safety concerns with crane hooks such as lowering hook can pose a safety threat as they are large and may cause significant head injuries if someone is struck.

Operators need to be extra cautious that the loads are securely mounted on the hook and people are clear from the load during lowering and rising. In addition, people must be careful while securing loads to the crane hook as there is a risk of trapping fingers or limbs in the load’s rigging and to being used for attaching loads. The crane hook can serve as a point of attachment for a crane fitting like a wrecking ball. The crane and ball fitting can be used to break down a structure as part of a demolition project quickly.


Strand Jack

This is a heavy-duty piece of machinery used to lift and lower heavy loads. Strand jack can perform a similar function to a standard crane but much smaller. Despite the footprint and small size, the strand jack is capable of lifting a much heavier load than the average crane. Their high lifting capacity and strength are often used to lift or pull exceptionally heavy loads such as large bridge sections or pre-fabricated buildings.

The strand jack consists of a steel tube filled with hydraulic fluid and a series of cables that runs through the center of the tube with unit operating system as they can control a set of metal feet or clamps within the tube. Users using this operating system can instruct the metal feet to clamp onto the cable at different locations within the tube. And these feet can climb or descend the cable to lower or lift the item or simply clamp down on the cables to hold the object at a set location.


A telehandler is construction vehicles that are made to lift heavy weights and items. The main feature of the telehandler is capable of equipping attachments for further uses and by using the right extension or lifting angle, the operator can double the telehandler’s maximum lifting weight while remaining safe. However, if the arm is incorrectly used, the lifting weight can be drastically cut and the machine may tip over.

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