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Types of Courier Service

9/4/2013 3:30:53 PM | by Anonymous

Courier Service

Couriers deliver mail, messages or packages and differ from ordinary mail services in terms of things such as speed, security and tracking of the object and are usually more expensive than using the ordinary mail service. There can also be courier services that specialize in kinds of items such as liquids or sensitive documents.


The scale of courier services can range, from being within a city to town, to an entire country or region or be international. Some well known international courier services include FedEx or UPS.


In ancient times, couriers were runners who physically ran miles to deliver messages or things, homing pigeons or riders on horseback. With the industrial age, the delivery of things became much faster. Within cities, couriers usually ride bicycles or motorbikes, depending on the size of the things they have to deliver.


Bicycle couriers usually deliver packages in the central business district of cities because it is a small but crowded area. Bicycles do not face the same limitations as vehicles in terms of traffic jams, licenses, parking fees or the areas they are allowed in. Thus, bicycle couriers can usually ensure speedy and predictable deliveries. However, the job has high risks and bicycle couriers are usually poorly paid when things such as injuries and recovery times are taken into account.


For deliveries over greater distances, transportation such as vans, trains or planes are used. Typically, couriers collect the schedule of pick-up and delivery points from their depot first, before planning their routes and getting to addresses as quickly as possible. Signatures by the courier and the recipient are used to confirm that the package has been picked up and delivered.


For deliveries that cover large distances, more than one courier might be needed to follow the pick-up and deliver the package through its journey. For example, one courier could send the package to the airport, where it would be loaded onto a plane. When the plane arrives at its destination, it is picked by another courier that works in that country.


In the past, air couriers were hired to take packages onto planes as carry-on luggage at a moment’s notice, due to air freight taking too long when it came to urgent packages. Air couriers were even hired for flights within North America and Europe. However, nowadays with air shipping becoming much faster and more companies owning their own planes to ship their goods, air couriers are much rarer and if hired, it is usually only for international flights.


For people looking to become couriers, you should have a passion for meeting people and moving around places a lot, as that is what the job entails. Couriers should be able to work unsupervised and be honest and responsible and be able to manage paperwork.


Diplomatic couriers are officials who transport diplomatic bags and thus are granted immunity from any form of arrest or detention in countries while carrying out their duty. In the United Kingdom, a diplomatic courier is known as a Queen’s Messenger. A diplomatic bag is a container that also has the same legal protection as the courier. It is used to transport documents or objects that are intended only for official use between a home government and a diplomatic or official entity. The bag is not allowed to be seized or searched. However, there have been cases where diplomatic bas have been used to ship unusual or illegal items, such as drugs, weapons and even people in a few cases.


Courier services play important role in countries history and economy. For example, in the United States the courier service played pivotal roles in the westward migration and the gold rush.

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