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Types of Coffee

3/26/2012 9:52:48 AM | by Anonymous


Coffee is derived from the seeds of the fruit of coffee tree. The common types of seeds or more commonly known as coffee beans are Robusta and Arabica. The numerous blends of coffee we see in cafés are usually a combination of the two.


Espresso is a strong and black coffee brewed by forcing very hot water under high pressure through darkly roasted, finely ground coffee beans. Cappuccino is a type of espresso coffee mixed with steamed milk and topped with creamy foam. It is made with 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 frothed milk. The foam’s surface is often flavored with cinnamon. The foam acts as a natural insulator that keeps the drink hot longer making cappuccino ideal to consume in cold weather. Another type of espresso is café latte which is prepared by using 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk wherein the milk is not frothed. It is often topped with coffee syrup. Café Mocha is similar with café latte but flavored with powdered chocolate instead.


Irish whiskey is a hot sweetened coffee mixed with Irish whiskey and then topped by a whip cream. Another type is Turkish coffee which is strong and black made with pulverized coffee. It is served without milk and sweetened with sugar. On the other hand, Mocha Java is a world famous coffee which consists of a blend of mocha coffee and Indonesian Java Arabica coffee.


Several other types of coffee can be found in many coffee shops. It will be hard for us to determine which of them we would desire to drink by simply knowing the mixtures and blends they contain. One should personally try different coffee flavors in order to distinguish which will match your taste. I am sure there is a cafe out there that offers one coffee blend that would satisfy your craving.

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