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Types of Chucks

11/8/2013 7:50:28 AM | by Anonymous


A chuck is simply a device that is used to hold something together. Chucks can come in many different forms such as clamps. Apart from holding pieces of machinery, chucks can also be used to secure workers to ensure that they are safe under hazardous conditions. This article will be discussing three different types of chucks and their purpose.

The first type of chuck is a magnetic chuck. A magnetic chuck is also sometimes known as a work holder. These magnetic chucks or work holders use a strong magnetic force to hold pieces of metal items in machinery. Magnetic chucks are also used to secure itself to other fixtures such as vises and the work machine. Most magnetic chucks use electricity to adjust the magnetic force applied, making it an electromagnet. This allows it to hold a varying load of metals. Processes that use magnetic chucks include grinding, drilling and turning. There are many hobbyists who use magnetic chucks as well.

There are a few types of magnetic chucks. The first type is the permanent magnetic chuck which has multiple magnets attached to the chuck. This means that it is harder to release the working part as the magnetic force is always there. The next type is the electromagnetic chuck. These magnets are always polarized, which means that their poles do not change and they will always be applying magnetic force on the work. Using this type of chuck enables for easy release of the working part, however it may be dangerous for the workers as there is a lot of electricity going through the magnet. Magnetic chucks while effective are only able to hold metals with magnetic properties. This greatly limits its usefulness.

The next type of chuck is the drill chuck. A drill chuck is considered a part of the drill and it is used to hold the rotating parts together. The drill chucks ensure that the rotating parts are held tightly even if there is a lot of rotational force. Apart from that, drill chucks can also be used to hold other tools such as screwdrivers of spades. There are two basic types of drills and they are keyed or keyless drill chucks.

A keyed drill chuck is one that requires a key to close and open it. The key comes in a form or a T shape and is inserted into a hole located next to the chuck. When the key is turned, a gear is moved that unlocks the chuck to close it or open it. A keyless drill chuck works in the same way. The only difference is that keyless drill chucks require the user to turn the chuck manually without any tools. A keyed drill chuck enables the user to turn the chuck to close tighter through manual force. However, the tool can be easily misplaced.

These chucks have jaws that hold the parts together. The more jaws it has the tighter the grip will be. The number of jaws range from four to six. The number of jaws needed usually depends on the type of material that is being drilled. The thicker the material, the greater number of jaws is required.

The last type of chuck is the wood lathe chuck. This type of chuck is used to hold pieces of wood to the work surface through clamps. This is to make sure that the wood pieces do not move around when the worker is working on it. The chuck is designed to mount the lathe as well. Most of the wood lathe chucks are circular and they have jaws that are arranged in a circular manner as well. This allows the chuck to hold oddly shaped pieces of wood as well.

Apart from these three types there are many more types of chucks but each type of chuck has its own different purpose that may be used in various industries.

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