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Types of Chains

3/22/2012 1:02:38 PM | by Anonymous


A chain is a series of interconnecting links or rings, typically of metal, connected to or fitted into one another and used for fastening, binding, supporting or holding objects together. It is also used for restraining or transmitting mechanical services or in various ornamental and decorative forms. We normally see chains on bicycles. Bicycle chain is a roller chain that transmits the power from the pedals to the driving wheel of a bicycle.


There are two types of bicycle chains: single speed chain, gear chain and narrow gear chain. Single speed chain is available with links that measure ½ inch long and have a width of 1/8 inch. It is mainly used on kids’ bikes, BMX bikes, coaster brake cruisers, and heavy cargo bikes. Gear chain also has a pitch of ½ inch and common width size of 3/32. Single speed chains are for bicycle without derailleur while the latter operates with derailleur-equipped bicycles that have more than three but less than nine gears on the rear wheel hub. The third type is the narrow gear chain. This narrow chain encompasses three chain-size variations used with nine, ten and eleven speed rear gears.


Besides bicycle chain, roller chain is applied in anything that requires transfer of movement and power from gears to wheels and other moving parts. Roller chains have 3 types namely standard, extended pitch transmission and conveyor.


Standard roller chain is used for moving gears and conveyor mechanisms that requires precision and ability to withstand extended lengths for industrial applications. It comes in variety of sizes and strengths. Bicycle chain falls under standard roller chain.


Extended pitch transmissions, compared to regular chains, are often stronger and longer lasting and can provide smoother operation in some heavy duty applications. It is ideal for moderate speed driving and transmission applications. It is typically applied on light load drives in agriculture.


A conveyor chain is optimum for slow to moderate speed applications especially in manufacturing, such as material handling and packaging.

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