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Types of Camera Lenses

5/2/2012 6:20:34 PM | by Anonymous


Lenses can be found on eyeglasses, contact lenses, CD/DVD player, telescope, microscope, binoculars and a lot more applications. Eyeglass and contact lens allow their user to see things clearer. Also, the lens helps the disk to be read by the CD/DVD player and makes it possible for far objects like those in the sky to be seen larger through telescope, microscope and binocular.


Camera lens is one of the popular uses of lenses. There are a lot of types of camera lenses. They give different effects and determine how images will look. Standard lenses are those that come with the kit when you first buy a digital SLR. As the name implies, this device provide the same natural magnification as the human eye. Photographers who want a different experience other than standard photography go for zoom lens. It can function as a wide angle and telephoto. It gives variable focal lengths by moving the positive and negative elements of lens put together. However, the coverage for angle setting is limited compared to lenses specifically created for wide and long range photography.


Wide angle lenses are normally used for landscape photography. It is suitable in taking pictures in narrow space as well as if the subject is too big and you want to get everything in frame. Telephoto lens is used in capturing distant objects and will appear near on photographs. This is most useful at times when close interaction to the subject is restricted such as nature, sports and wildlife. Macro lens is designed for taking photos at a very close distance like plants and insects.


Other types of camera lenses are fish eye, mirror and prime lens. They give various effects on the photo subject. All camera lenses allow us to see things on a different angle which is not normally perceived by the human eye.

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