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Types of Calipers

10/25/2013 9:26:50 AM | by Anonymous


When it comes to measuring specific dimensions, calipers are used to do the job. A caliper is a type of device that is used to measure distance of the object or within an object. A compass that measures outward and inward points may also be considered a caliper. Most of the times, the calipers will have tips that are used to measure the distance. After using the tips to measure, the caliper is taken out of the object that is being measured and the readings will show against a ruler that in built into the caliper itself. Calipers are often used in industries such as metalwork, foresting, science, medicine, mechanical engineering and woodworking.

One of the most common types of calipers is the vernier caliper. The vernier caliper is one of the simplest calipers as the measurements and readings are connected directly. A vernier caliper consists of two points or jaws that are able to either measure the outer distance of the object or the inside of an object. After being measured, it is taken out and read against something called the vernier scale. The tips of the vernier calipers are quite slender enabling it to be used in most applications.

The vernier scale that is built in to the vernier calipers includes both metric and imperial units of measurement. The vernier scale is able to measure distances that are precise to 0.01 millimeters or a thousandth of an inch. The maximum distance that largest vernier calipers can measure is about 1800 millimeters or 72 inches.
Another type of caliper that uses the same mechanism of a vernier caliper is the dial caliper. Instead of using a ruler, a dial mechanism displays its readings on a simple dial. The dial caliper is able to give instant readings to the user, making it more convenient. This is not the case for vernier calipers though as one has to have the knowledge on how to read a vernier caliper first.

The dial caliper consists of a small and accurate gear rack that is connected to the pointer in the circular dial. The dial usually moves after the gear rack has moved a distance of 1 millimeter or a tenth of an inch. Most of the times, the dial can also be designed to move. This feature is used to measure the difference between two objects. However, if the user does not want to use the feature, they can lock the dial with a small screw or level to prevent it from moving. While the dial caliper is easier to use and read, it is not as accurate in measuring objects when compared to the vernier caliper which is able to measure to the closest 0.01 millimeters.


Another type of caliper is the digital caliper. A digital caliper uses an electronic digital display to show its readings. The electronic digital display is even easier to read than the dial caliper. Depending on the manufacturer, the electronic digital display is able to show units of measurements such as inches, millimeters or centimeters. Similar to the dial caliper, digital calipers have a feature that is able to hold the reading on its display. This allows the user to measure the differences between objects. Most of the digital calipers are made out of stainless steel and are precise to the nearest 0.02 millimeters. This makes it close to the vernier calipers.

While these digital calipers are easy to read and accurate, the downside is that they are electronic. This makes them less reliable than the vernier calipers and dial calipers. However, if the digital caliper is well made then there will not be a problem. Most digital calipers also have an output function that enables the data that was collected to be transferred on to a computer. This cuts down on time needed to record the data and organize them properly.
These are just a few types of calipers. Calipers have become an important tool in measuring specific distances of an object. With the use of digital calipers, it is able to accomplish the tasks more quickly and efficiently.


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