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Types of Calibrators – Importance of Calibrating Thermometers

3/19/2012 11:03:02 AM | by Anonymous


Calibration is the process of checking or adjusting an instrument by comparison with a standard to meet certain accuracy specifications. The device used to calibrate measuring tools is known as a calibrator. Calibrators are designed to determine the accuracy of an industrial machine to avoid mistakes and errors on the manufacturing process. This process will lower the cost of manufacture or possible production by determining or ensuring the quality.


Calibrators vary in function and form depending on the instruments with which they are designed to work. One important calibrator used in many industrial and commercial processes is a thermometer. Thermometer is an instrument for measuring temperature of things. It is usually made from a sealed glass tube with a bulb containing mercury or colored alcohol. These liquids expand and contract or rise and fall with changes in temperature. We have widely known thermometers for their clinical use.


Clinical thermometers are used to measure the human body temperature of a person. It must be sensitive to very small changes in temperature in order to measure it within a few degrees of normal body. Clinical thermometer includes ear, pacifier and underarm or oral thermometer. Ear thermometer measures the temperature of the eardrum. Since human ear is near the brain, it makes an accurate point to measure the body. Pacifier thermometers are used to measure the body temperature of babies or infants without irritating them. Underarm thermometers are kept in the underarms while oral thermometers are held in the mouth for temperature measurement.


A device utilized to measure temperature for industrial and commercial purposes is called industrial thermometers. The two common types of industrial thermometers are thermocouple and resistive temperature. They are used in monitoring cooking temperature, verifying the temperature in a cold storage warehouse or refrigeration system, incubators, simulation chambers measuring the temperature of molten steel in a mill.


Calibration of equipment is essential like in the case of thermometers. Inaccurate clinical thermometers would not let us know our exact condition when we are sick. On the other hand, calibrated industrial thermometers make certain that the system is accurate enough to perform industrial processes perfectly.

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