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Types of Cable Drums

9/23/2013 2:13:02 PM | by Anonymous

Cable Drums

Cable drums are round object that used to carry various types of electrical wires, they are termed as the drums that have been used for many years to transport electric cables, wire products and fiber optic cables. These cable drums are also known as cable reels and they come in four different types such as wood, plastic, steel and plywood. They come in many sizes that are for winding and packing all types of cables and wires. They are to keep the cables stored neatly when not in use and they also allow quick deployment without getting all tangled and twisted. Cable drums are perfect way to facilitate transporting and laying the cables.


Wooden Drum

The wooden cable drums come in three different varieties such as steel-tyred for multiple use, export for sending aboard and they are one-way drum for a single trip use. The wooden cable drums can carry heavy loads and they are constructed in the resinous wood. However, they are often obtained cheaply such as they can be easily stolen from the construction sites and are owing to their shape. Besides they are commonly used as furniture (e.g. coffee tables) for students in college and others who are seeking for inexpensive furnishings.


Plywood Drum

The plywood cable drums are used mainly for transporting lighter loads and they are a cheaper alternative to the other types of drums that are often used extensively in the building industry and by the commercial electricians. They are often made of ply or birch and are both light-weight and strong but usually the plywood cable drums are used only once and then destroyed it. An advantage of the plywood cable drums is that the strength of the plywood reels are very durable and they are simple structure as well as light-weight.


Plastic Drum

The plastic cable drums are manufactured from the recycled plastic and they are environmentally friendly and they are used for lighter weight cables. The advantage of the plastic cable drums is that the total weight is considerably lower; moreover, they are the only cable drums that are suitable for the high requirements of health and hygiene in the medical technology. For instance, the plastic cable drums are excellently adapted for the winding of very thin and fine wires as well as wire-cables of steel and copper, welding wires, electric cables and other medical equipment as the monofilament.


Steel Drums

In the major industry today, many prefer the steel instead of the plywood or wooden cable drums. The steel cable drums are made and to replace the orthodox wooden drums in the wire and cable industry. Also they can be made as collapsible steel drums or collapsible steel drums. These steel drums are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner and that are more durable than wooden drums. However, the life of a cable drum is longer hence the overheads for the purchaser or user decrease as compared to those users of wooden drums. Good news about steel drums is that they are not easily stolen and they can be loaded with a different range of cables and wires from the heaviest cables to the lightest wires and it is said to be the most multipurpose drum.

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