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Types of Burners

3/19/2012 11:00:57 AM | by Anonymous


The creation of burners is a symbol of civilization. The early humans produce a fire by purposely striking two stones. Today, starting a fire went through a lot of development. Fire from a burning wood is hard to control so cooking would not be as convenient as it is now. The use of burners allowed us to easily manage the extent of fire appropriate for our method of cooking. Several types of burners are in use now in diverse areas, depending on the purpose of the burner and the supply of fuel.


Gas burner is a nozzle or jet piece from which a combustible gas is released to burn. It is a popular device used especially in cooking nowadays. Oil burner is a liquid fuel burner device equipped to vaporize or atomize fuel oil, mix it with air and ignite the mixture, and direct the flame upon the surface to be heated. Another type is coal burner. This is commonly used in heavy industry, especially in countries with reserves of coal. Wood burners were used to burn wood wastes by sawmills during the early times. However, the development of secondary wood products such as paper wooden doors and musical instruments caused the use of wood burners on large industries to be obsolete. They can be used as a cheap alternative to conventional heating system. Process gas fired burners use gas left over after the catalytic cracking of petroleum products in the refining process. Left over gases will consist of a mixture of carbon monoxide, water vapour, short chain hydrocarbons, and various other impurities.


The uses of various types of burners are distinct from each other. Both oil and gas burners are primarily used for cooking but the installation of the former tend to be more expensive than the latter. Wood burners, on the other hand, can work as a heating system making this type of burner cost-efficient.

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