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Types of Brooms

10/8/2012 12:55:29 PM | by Anonymous


Present in almost every household worldwide, brooms are cleaning tools that have stiff fibers attached to a cylindrical handle called the broomstick. Brooms can come in many varieties with several different materials being used to make the fibers and the broomsticks. Brooms are commonly used together with dustpans, to aid the clearing of dust from the floor or a surface. Having originated from old forms of brooms such as the besom, which made use of twigs tied around a stick, brooms today are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Many brooms today are made with synthetic bristles. The application of brooms can be in homes, offices, town halls and almost anywhere that requires cleaning. The size of the broom varies depending on the application of the broom. For example, a broom that is used at home to simply sweep up dust would be different as compared to a broom that is used in the park to sweep up fallen leaves and twigs.


Corn brooms are one of the most popular varieties of brooms today. These types of brooms are usually triangular in shape and have several rows of stitching that hold the fiber strands in place. In regular corn brooms, the strands are usually made of corn fiber with the handle being made of wood. However in modern designs, the handle and the fiber strands can both be made out of plastic. The natural fiber strands in corn brooms have the ability to hold even the smallest particles of dirt. The modern brooms that are composed of plastic strands have the strands treated with chemical formulas that would have the ability to pick up debris that other brooms may not be able to pick up. As compared to standard household brooms which tend to be rather light, industrial brooms intended to be used on rough commercial floors tend to have denser and thicker strands that are of heavier duty design.


Another category of brooms are the whisk brooms. These brooms are smaller in size as compared to the regular corn brooms. The application of these brooms is for cleaning of places that may be hard to reach or where using a regular corn broom would not be practical. For example, these brooms can be used to clean small areas such as tents, picnic tables, tight spaces behind appliances, or even the kitchen table. Similar to regular brooms, these types of brooms also usually come with a dustpan which matches their size and therefore are easy to use in place where regular sized brooms and dustpans cannot be used. The small size gives these brooms an appearance that is more like a brush rather than that of a broom.


Push broom, as its name would suggest, work by pushing it forward aiding to clean up dust and rubbish. These brooms have a wide rectangular shape which aids the sweeper clean up a big area in just one sweep. They can be purchased in different widths in accordance to the user’s requirements. The bristles of these brooms are designed to be solvent, grease and oil resistant, having a much longer durability. The synthetic bristles of the broom can be easily washed and the application of these brooms is usually in driveways and large halls.


Over the years, brooms have developed and today there are several different types of brooms available in the market produced to cater the various needs of customers. Brooms with soft bristles are often used for domestic purposes whereas the brooms used in industrial applications tend to be made of much thicker and durable bristles.

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